YouTube Project X Tube Review Part 2: Speed Ranking YouTube Videos

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During August I worked on YouTube Project X Tube to get the simple videos ranking on page one of Google. I had 59 videos ranking on page 1 using the techniques described in the course.

My Experience

The course shows how to pick low competition and low volume keywords to rank quickly in Google. In fact I was managing to rank on page 1 of Google in a couple of hours for most keywords for 3 popular affiliate programs in the internet marketing niche. The videos are simple to put together and take about 20 minutes or so to make and create the description that goes on YouTube.
From those 59 videos I got 29 clicks through to my offers (no commissions).

So far. So good. However, I believe one of my competitors complained to Google and my entire channel was deleted. I decided not to spend time trying to get them reinstated (which may or may not of happened anyway).
I sent a support email to Cliff and was able to establish the possible reasons for the taking down of the videos – the use of an affiliate link in my description and $ in title can be reasons for YouTube not liking a video.

Interestingly there are still a lot of these videos on YouTube and ranking highly for keywords, with $’s in the title and affiliate links in the description. So I think I was unlucky.

I’ve just started a new YouTube channel and I managed to rank  4 videos  for a low search, low competition keywords in under 33 minutes as taught in the course. In total I’ve had 26 views and 7 clicks on the links. No sales yet.

It goes to show even with these longtail keywords that don’t actually show up as having searches in keyword tools there are actually searches especially around product launches.

What I didn’t like

As you might guess, I definitely didn’t like having all my videos vanishing on Google and all that work going to waste.

Within the course itself the videos are repetitive and can be fiddly getting them to work. I had to contact support to get them to work on my computer.

The videos themselves you create do not give much value to the viewer and the content for the description is probably not best practice too. I also have a feeling at sometime YouTube and Google will find a way to stop these videos from ranking sometime.

What I Like

The course does show you how to speed rank videos and there is traffic and people will click on your link to the affiliate offer. The video that shows you the technique in detail is well put together and the text instructions are clear. The bonuses included give you some more techniques to use to add value to the viewers. Also, you don’t have to spend money building backlinks or getting views as taught in other courses.

Final Decision

I have yet to make any money using the tactics in this course, but I have seen other reviews where people have made an income. I think the income possibility from this is unlikely to be a major.

I will continue to use it to test keywords and also make some income on the side too (hopefully). There is a risk your videos may not rank or be removed as with anything that involves Google and/or putting content on sites you don’t own.

The principles used to find keywords to rank are solid and ranking videos definitely work. Although I did have an issue with my videos I believe this is a good course for learning about YouTube and how longtail searches can bring traffic. It is definitely worth checking out Cliff Carrigan’s YouTube Project X Tube here especially if you are new to YouTube video marketing.

However, if you are looking for a more comprehensive course on YouTube take a look at my review on YouTube Power Slam 2.0 here

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