YouTube Project X Tube by Cliff Carrigan Review Part 1

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This is the course that got me excited about YouTube again. I’ve had YouTube Project X Tube at the beginning of August and implemented it’s strategies during August this year.

I let you know how I got on after some scene setting – It’s a tale of excitement and woe and then determination.

Why I Am Reviewing

I came across this course on Mike From Maine blog  and thought it looked interesting, especially as I was looking for ways to rank my videos and I liked how Cliff came across in the video. I have tested this course, so can do a complete review from start to finish.

The Sales Page

First up is a video that is 6 min 4 secs long, that from what it says has been added after the course was first on sale. In it he talks about using the techniques taught in the course for local video marketing. (The course is designed for ranking affiliate videos in a very short time.) He shows in the video that it is ranking in Google and took 10 days to get that position. Some very good proof there of what is possible with the course.

The header says you can rank a video in 20 minutes at the top of Google using 3 browser tabs. No software is needed to make videos.

Working down the sales page he talks about the problem that I only know too well of buying too many programs that promise much and seem to deliver little of what is promised in the sales letter.

The answer is according to the letter is that sales letter accurately describes what you are getting, and so it seems this letter is one that does it.

To implement the course you need only:

3 browser windows
No software
Rank video in less than 20 minutes
No special skills
Basic reading skills
No video editing or creation skills
It only takes 2 hours to get up to speed
No more investment required over the outlay

It also says it is a course for ranking videos and getting traffic not about making money. With the knowledge gained you will be able to decide whether its worth ranking a video for a particular keyword or if it worth moving on to better or easier keywords.

Overall it is a straightforward sales letter that lets you know what you should get out of the product, there appears to be little in the way of hype (other than the 20 minutes ranking). Time to press on to see if the course does live up to sales letter.

The Buying Process

This all went smoothly through Clickbank. There are no downsells or upsells. After payment you are taken to a page to register for access to the membership site. This all went without a hitch.

Inside The Membership

Once registered you log in to the membership site on and you click on the Project X Tube icon to take oyu to the members area.

The membership area is one page and takes awhile to load. (Although it is only one page it is a long page).

here are 6 videos and instructions in text for the main part of the course. 4 of the videos are case studies where Cliff ranks the affiliate videos in on webinar replays in a matter of minutes using the techniques in the course. You get to see it step by step.

There is some repetition but it is fascinating watching the videos in real time.

Video 5 is slow walk through of the steps needed to rank your video and Video 6 teaches an additional trick to use related videos to get more traffic to your video. But the big thing this is simple stuff and is definitely easy to do, and can be mastered in a couple of hours like he says. There is definitely lots of proof in the video it works to rank videos.

The video quality for some of the videos are not always the best, you can see and hear everything. I did have a problem viewing the videos and contacted Cliff . I was emailed quickly with the solution and got on with viewing the rest of the videos.

In addition to the main course there are a number unannounced additions (bonuses) that complement the course – from graphics, PowerPoint slides (you don’t need to use PowerPoint or any other software to create videos to be successful with the course), software to spy on other ranking videos and more.

The text version of the training is well written and gives you easy to follow steps. By watching the videos I did get some more tips not included in the text. So worth going through them all

When I went through this course the first time I was pretty excited about it. I’ll write more on this tomorrow as I’ve got to finish up now. In the meantime checkout Cliff Carrigans YouTube Project X Tube Speed Ranking course here. See you tomorrow.


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