YouTube Power Slam 3.0 Review – Sandy DuPlessis Updates And Improves?

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Today, I received and email from Cliff Carrigan that his course YouTube Power Slam 2.0 has been revised and updated by Sandy DuPlessis and is being published today as YouTube Power Slam 3.0.

Having bought the previous course I get access to the “new and improved version.” I am excited about seeing what is in store as I think version 2.0 is one of the best was oneYouTube ranking courses I’ve been through. It’s going to be great to learn how to get the most out of YouTube and take advantage of the changes Google and YouTube have made to their ranking algorithms.

Before going through the course I’m going to take a look at:

The Sales Letter

First thing I notice is that is seems too narrow, apart form that the layout looks nice. There are no pictures of money or fast cars etc – which is a good thing in my book.

After the headings it talks about who it is for, then on to what you are going to get. It all looks fine to me so far. No wild promises of untold riches.

Then there are some testimonials from the Warrior Forum. Having been through Version 2.0 of the course I’d agree with this, as I said before V 2.0 is one of the best courses I’ve been though.

Then we’re on to the benefits of the course of being able to rank your video fast and get conversions. I’m definitely interested in knowing how to improve my conversions as I’ve managed to rank videos (but always ready to learn new tricks) but I’ve never managed to get the conversions I’d like.

There are 4 bonuses you get (although it mentions 2 in the copy) if you are one of the first 25 buyers. I skipped over this section to see what is actually included in the course.

There are 6 modules that seem to go through everything you need to know to rank videos and get conversions. (No mention on how to make them).

If I didn’t already have access I’d be getting this.

I normally now talk about the buying process but as I already have the previous version and get access I’m not going to go through the process. You do buy it through JVZoo which I’ve always found straightforward. I think there is an upgrade option where you can get more advanced information.

What You Get

I’m waiting for my access at this moment, so can’t talk about this from experience. The people who got access to this in the Power Slam 2.0 Skype group have all said how good it is and it covers the changes in Google and YouTube, using Google hangouts.

Although I haven’t got access to it yet, I am waiting for access to be granted as Cliff and Sandy work though transferring it over to the new site. I’m just going to have to be patient I guess.

Update – I’ve just got access to it. You are taken to a very professional looking membership site that lists the modules where you can download pdf documents and videos.

My Thoughts So Far

I wish I had access so I could work through it today, but they say patience is a virtue. Anyway, based on my experience of Version 2 I believe YouTube Power Slam 3.0 is worth getting if you want to rank videos guickly and at the top of Google and YouTube.(I’ve now been given my access and it looks great I’ll post more about this tomorrow when I’ve got time to go through it in detail. First impressions are that it does build on the excellent information in Power Slam 2.0).

Sandy has had a lot of experience. The thing I like about the techniques I’ve learned about using YouTube from the previous version is that you don’t have to go out and buy hundreds of backlinks or views to rank when you do your keyword research properly and optimize the video. (Especially as Google is now slapping videos for too many spam views and backlinks).

There is no guarantee with this method but I think you stand the best chance of ranking and having your video stay up for a good length of time. Also you get lifetime updates to respond to changes in YouTube and Google. I hope my access comes soon!

Click here to get started on Sandy DuPlessis’s YouTube Power Slam 3.0 now


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