YouTube Power Slam 3.0 Review Part 2

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There are a lot of courses about ranking videos in Google and YouTube, and there is almost as many software programs being released that also say they will give you the number one ranking too. It gets difficult to know if they are worth checking out. One course that I did find very good was YouTube Power Slam 2.0 by Cliff Carrigan and I had success in ranking videos following and they are still ranking even with the changes that have been made recently.

The next version has just been released and Cliff has passed the update of the course to one of his most successful students Sandy DuPlessis. The updated and revised course is YouTube Power Slam 3.0.

Because I had bought Version 2 previously I was given access to Version 3 and I have now started working though it.

What You Get

It is professional looking membership site with 7 main modules listed down the middle, a mind map checklist, social slam software, video hitman software and Google plus exposed bonus.

I’m starting at the first module titled Keyword Research when you click on the title you get a 16 page PDF document to down load.

After the usual title page and disclaimer you are straight into find out about keyword research, there is no long introduction about who the creator is and the fact they aren’t going to fill up the PDF with waffle. Instead after a few sentences on the importance of keyword research even though it is boring you are straight into how Sandy does her research. I like this quick start but I think if you haven’t heard of Sandy before a bit of background would be handy but I think it won’t impact on the quality of information within the PDF.

The PDF itself goes through the keyword research for video step by step its clear and easy to understand. Some good tips in it to uncover what people are searching for and long tail keywords. There are 4 places you can find these words and get a long list of them.

Next it is on to Google Account Creation – 15 page PDF document. You need to do this before you can open your YouTube account. It goes into discussing what you need to do to be able to open up multiple accounts and then it’s on to the step by step process of opening the account. There are images included that help in walking you through the process. It covers opening and naming your account.

Once you’ve set up your Google account it is on to the YouTube Channel creation. This is a 14 page PDF document. This very well documented and explained and covers the quirks of YouTube that can throw you if you aren’t expecting them. I think this is the best module so far. You are taken through setting it up, naming the channel with plenty of very good images and encouraging words.

That’s it for today so definitely ended on a high note going through the first 3 modules in the course.

My Thoughts So Far

The modules so far give you a good grounding in keyword research, account creation and YouTube channel creation. The explanations are clear and you will have your account set up for success. I think it is missing some background needed for beginners to let you know what you are trying to achieve. It seems like it is more for someone who has just a little experience with YouTube rather than a complete novice. The course explains everything well but I feel its missing an overview. However if you are a beginner and are prepared to ask questions in the skype group you can get what you need to know. There a lots of experienced video marketers that can help you with any questions you may have.

You are getting the best information on ranking YouTube videos from someone that has real experience in doing it, so it is worth getting and working through it if you want videos ranking on YouTube and Google that will stick their for the longer term rather than some system that games Google and you only get short term success.

To get started now on YouTube Power Slam 3.0 click here.

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