YouTube Power Slam 2.0 Review Part 6: My Interim Recommendation

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I’ve now been through the entire YouTube Power Slam 2.0 course. Over the past week I have reviewing each of the modules with in the course in detail.

One thing I haven’t managed to do as much as I wanted was implementing as I went through the course. This is something I intend to do over the next week and let you know how I get on. (See below for more details.)

But before I get to what I will be doing in the upcoming week I am going to go through what I liked and didn’t like about the course, so far.

What I Like

I like that this is a very much a matter of fact course (no hype or fluff) and covers how to rank in a lot of detail. I also have enjoyed the fact that the course is in text, which makes it easier to go back and forth and find information and for going over things a number of times to get a better understanding of particular points.

The Competitor Cheat Sheet and the Checklist are both valuable resources to use in setting your video up correctly and checking on the competition’s videos. It ties the course together well  and gives you a great way to monitor and manage progress.

Cliff’s customer service has been very good with replies in a couple of days to questions  on one of his other courses plus the offer of help on the Skype group to check why your video is not ranking has been very helpful.

The Skype group is a good addition to the course with there being some useful bits of information and other resources given by the other members of the group. It appears to me there are a number of very experienced and successful video marketers in the group.

I liked the promises section where he outlined the promises made in the sales letter and then shows how each one is met fully by the course.

I like that Cliff is pretty blunt on what the course is about and what is needed to rank videos. It’s great to see how he likes to keep away from getting lots of backlinks from all over the web and still manages to rank videos “on demand”. Also it appears the course is updated as new things happen and also in response to questions from customers.

What I Didn’t Like

There are a couple of things I didn’t like, neither of which are that major to being able to implement the course.

There is an expectation that you know how to create and upload videos to YouTube. It would have been good for some instruction on this to make sure your channel is set up correctly.

Although the Skype group is an invaluable resource, there can be a lot of other stuff discussed by long term members that have little to do with video marketing. This in itself can be quite entertaining. But it can sometimes mean that questions about the course are sometimes missed. However, you can email or Skype Cliff direct and he will answer your question, or you can use the FAQ page.

Interim Conclusion

In my first review post on YouTube Power Slam 2.0 there were 6 outcomes I was expecting to have met by the course. At this stage I believe they have been met, but I have yet to have seriously tried to rank videos so far.

Having got that out of the way, YouTube Power Slam 2.0 is the best course on ranking videos that I have been through. It shows you exactly what is needed to do in an easy to follow manner. Sure, it could be improved but I believe it will help me greatly in ranking videos highly in Google. The real test for this statement follows.

What Now?

Now, I intend to put my new found knowledge to the test this week with three videos. Two videos have already been uploaded to YouTube – one a year ago and the other a month ago – one is a video that has not yet been uploaded. The current information is:

A Year Ago:

On this video I’ve not made any changes as of yesterday, I measured its rankings yesterday for the keywords I’d like to rank for. After taking this information I have started to use the software to get social proof. I’ve optimized the video for “keyword review.”

Keywords/volumes/my video rankings at 25/9*

keyword/ 1000/G – N/GV -10/YT – 4
keyword review/ 40/ G – 3/GV – 2/YT – 3
keyword + word + word/ 390/G-N/GV – 27/YT – 20

1 Month Ago

I have already made some changes to this one before capturing this data. I’ve changed the tags, the video description and got some social proof using the Software tool provided. Optimized for keyword review. So the current position is:

Keywords/volumes/my video rankings at 25/9*

keyword    /1600/G-N/GV-17/YT-45
keyword reviews/480/G-N/GV-10/YT-33
buy keyword/110/G-N/GV-45/YT-63
keyword review/170/G-N/GV-10/YT-33

(N = no ranking, G = google search ranking, GV = google search of videos ranking, YT = Youtube ranking)

Video To Be Uploaded

keyword review/480
keyword reviews/480
buy keyword/170

I’ll be updating my progress on these and letting you know what I’ve done to improve and get rankings. In this way I hope to demonstrate just how good the YouTube Power Slam 2.0 course really is or not.

* I’m not giving my keywords at the moment so test is not polluted by views from people checking them out until test is completed – so I’ve used “keyword”

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