YouTube Power Slam 2.0 Part 8 Review Update 2 With Video Logic Pro

One of the courses I’ve been implementing is the YouTube Power Slam 2.0 by Cliff Carrigan. I’ve been testing out to see by seeing if I could improve the rankings of 2 videos and rank a new video following the teaching of the course. (Here are details in YouTube slam 2.0 Review Part 7)

During the week I bought Cliff Carrigan’s Video Logic Pro software. This is a program that spies on competing videos. It then compares the ranking factors of the competitor’s video with your own and tells you where you need to improve your video’s SEO if you want to rank your video in number 1. This software works well with the course. I’ve run it for one of the videos I’m trying to increase rank and I’m following the recommendations to improve the ranking (Video 1 Month). It gives you an easy snapshot using a traffic light system with a red light showing where you need to make improvements. You can check it out here

My progress has been slower on this challenge due to the fact I’ve also been running a test on Reverse Attack Marketing by Jennifer Ledbetter  – where I’ve invested the bulk of my internet marketing time.

As I’ve said I am running this test on 3 videos and the results and actions taken are below, showing change from the previous position (see previous YTPS2.0 update here)


Overall the results have been disappointing. There have been no clicks to my websites or the offers so therefore no sales. But it does have to be said this is a small scale test and my main focus has been the RAM Challenge. So to a certain extent this should be expected -disappointing as it is.

A Month Ago


1 month ago v2

For “keyword review” I’ve seen my Google ranking disappear. On the 10th Google had 4 YouTube video on page 1, it now only has the one, unfortunately not mine.

Actions Taken

This video is where I’ve been taking the actions taken to improve the rankings of the video. I’ve been taking slowly (as noted above) but also I want to see the effect of the changes in the rankings. At the moment it’s minimal. I’ve added more backlinks, more social proof. I’ve added more keywords to the onpage, so that I’m now the most optimized video. To beat the number 1 video I need to work on two more ranking factors, and then wait for Google and YouTube to register the changes and hopefully my video will jump up to number 1.

New Video


New Video V2All Google video results improved, YouTube results better except for “keyword” and no change in Google web results.

Actions Taken

I’ve only added 3 more backlinks to the video using those sources recommended in the YTPS2.0 course.

A Year Ago


year ago v2Despite the lack of actions taken the video rankings have stayed very consistent over the 12 days.

Actions Taken

None taken

Next Steps

Despite the lack of results I am carrying on . Over the next week I am going to be turning all the red traffic lights to green for the 1 month video to hopefully see the video rank at number 1 on Google and YouTube. This should lead to some clicks to the website associated with the video and following on from that some people buying the products on offer through my affiliate link.

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