YouTube Power Slam 2.0 And Video Logic Update Review Number 11 – Sales and Clicks

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Cliff Carrigan has a number of YouTube courses that I have been implementing and reviewing as I go along. Rather than give separate updates I thought I’d include them all here. You can see my introduction reviews of:

YouTube Power Slam 2.0 Review here

Video Logic Review here

Project X Tube Review here 

Results of Video Logic and Power Slam 2.0

YTPS 1 Month Ago V5

Some great movement in rankings with all the keywords (except buy) now ranking in Google, as either the first or second video. I have built a few Web 2.0 backlinks to the video and this seems to have given it the push to get it on the first page of Google. Still no sales have resulted in this. I will need to look at testing a different call of action.

YTPS Year Ago V5

This has stayed much the same and I haven’t taken actions on this, so to be expected. I’ll try adding some Web 2.0 backlinks and see if this is enough to get it moving upwards in the rankings and on to page 1.


This has continued to perform well, but again I need to do some work on the call to action to see if I can get some clicks to my website and then through to the offer. I’m pleased with the rankings but disappointed with number of sales.

Next Steps

I will continue to work on the three videos to cement their place at the top of the pile plus I will be trying out things to see if I can actually get the videos to convert into clicks

In Addition – Another Test I’ve Run

As a member of Power Slam 2.0 you can enroll in the private Skype group. You do pick up a number of useful tips through this group.

One of the members is Clive McConigal. He is an experienced video marketer who released a WSO called Tube Illuminati (Read more here).  This is a course that shows a particular method of ranking videos quickly using a free to use online video maker.

I’ve put up two videos using this method in the IM niche for Flip Your World and Reverse Attack Marketing. I’m currently testing the method. It has resulted in top video  rankings in Google. I am getting visitors to this blog from the videos and one of the videos has resulted in a sale. (These videos are no way as good a quality as the videos I’ve been tracking and testing above.

I’ll be using the techniques from Cliff’s course and insights from Video Logic to give them the added boost they may need to stay in their first place rankings. You can check out Video Logic here and YouTube Power Slam 2.0 here.

Project X Tube Results

I recently published a couple of videos using the Project X Tube methodology. They ranked quickly as expected and there have been 15 clicks to one offer (no sales) and 5 clicks to another offer and 3 sales.It works

I am surprised by these simple videos is the amount of clicks they get when compared to the much better videos I am using in the YouTube Power Slam 2.0 implementation test. The videos only take minutes to produce and publish. They are not the most polished or professional videos to say the least.

So, yes these videos still rank quickly for low competition keywords and people will click to the offers and  they convert for the right offer. So I will be adding more of these over time when I haven’t the time to do a more involved video for low competition videos. Check it out here


Overall, I am still convinced that ranking videos in Google is much easier than trying to rank a blog or website. The teachings and tools of Cliff Carrigan have been vital to increasing my understanding and in being able to actually rank videos. They are straightforward and easy to follow. And you can make sales as a result of them too!

To read more on Cliff Carrigan’s Video Logic here.  For Power Slam 2.0 click here and Project X Tube click here.

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