YouTube Annihilation Review – Boris Berjan’s Forget Google Get $3.77 Per Click

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I’ve just be checking the rankings of my videos, their rankings and click through rates and wondering what I can do to increase the return on my videos.

They are ranking well, being watched but the click through rates are poor. While looking at what I’ve done a new course YouTube Annihilator  has been released by a guy called Boris Berjan that promises techniques to convert 1 in 10 visitors into a sale. It has been recommended by 2 respected video marketers – Ray The Video Guy and Clive McGonigal.

I’m off to check it out.

The Sales Page

It starts off with a video which has some annoying background noise. It starts with a joke about some of the incredible promises made by internet marketers. In the video he shows you some tough keywords he has been able to rank using YouTube videos.

Within the video is what I’m interested in. It talks about how the course is going to show you how to make videos that are going to rank and you are not reliant on Google. You are going to get results.  The video is about 71/2 minutes longs. Interesting and Boris has a likeable style and he likes bad jokes. i enjoyed the video.

The course promises to show you how to target on buyer only keywords and convert them. This is big for me, as I have had some success ranking videos but not as much success getting clicks and sales. I’m definitely interested. So, I’m going to learn how to rank for popular buyer keywords and convert 1 in 10 viewers. Sound great.

The Buying Process

All pretty smooth through the JVZoo and Paypal system. There is a OTO on your way through that looks interesting, but I give it a miss for now, but will check it out.

What Do You Get

After registering you are taken to page which shows you the modules down the side. It is well laid out. Here is my summary of the modules:-

Where Do I Start

This explains what you are getting and how to get the best from the course. This does give you an simple and easy explanation of the course.

Module 1 – What Is Your Offer

Great tips here on how to select an offer and what to look out for.

Module 2 – Keyword Stealing

Finding the right keywords to select and hoe to determine if they are worth putting a video up for.

Module 3 – Silo Setup

I’ve not seen this before and it looks a clever way to set up your video channel to get noticed and get more traffic.

Module 4 – Video Creation

Some creative techniques and easy ways to create videos that convert.

Module 5 – Track It Like It’s PPC

A very good logical way to track results and tweak videos to get better results

Bonus 1 – Create Ads In Organic Search?

This really helps your videos to standout in Google and YouTube

Bonus 2 – Look Like an Angel To Viewers

How you can gain the trust of your viewers and YouTube (less chance of being flagged, better conversions)

Bonus 3 – First Page Takeover

This shows you how to dominate the first page of YouTube and also includes a wrap up.

Just a quick overview of the course. I’m going to have to go through these videos and study them properly. There is a lot of really good stuff here.

Initial Impressions

This looks a very good course. One thing it talks about when looking at a niche and keywords is the psychology behind the words.

It is for more advanced video marketers as well as beginners, with a link to a course specifically for beginners. The video sound quality is a bit annoying but the content makes up for it. I’ve learned a lot about ranking and how how to convert viewers that I need to implement.

I need to spend more time going through this course but I think it is really going to help and builds on what I’ve learned in the other courses, it complements them well and will certainly help in getting more income from CPA offers.

Click Here To Check Out YouTube Annihilation

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