You Tube Power Slam 2.0 Review Part 2

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This version was one of the best. Now it has been upgraded to YouTube Power Slam 3.0. Check out my preview to review here


Today, I’m going to explore the members area of Power Slam 2.0. I mentioned the layout in the review 1 post here.

Within the Step 1 promises section there are 11 promises  that Cliff  gives responses to. I like this idea; it is being really upfront with what is in the sales letter and living up to it.

The Promise

The introduction to the section says that by going through these promises I’ll get l everything covered in the sales letter. The rest of the course is giving way more than promised.

There are links to each of the promises in the section contents page, and each one takes you to a page where it details how the course meets the promise or gives you the information promised. It is a bit fiddly to get to the next promise once you are in one promise as you have to go back to the contents page by clicking  the menu in the sidebar and then click on the link in the content page.

All the content is delivered in text, no long rambling videos. Great.

Some of the observations made are:

1. That although it is possible to beat any  video you need to work out if it is worth the time and effort to do so, and there are other videos that will be easy to beat and may even be more profitable

2. There is six point list given that enables you to assess  a competitor’s video and what you need to do to get your video ranking ahead. I’ve put this into a spreadsheet so I can track what I do and see the competing videos’ weaknesses. This will help to ensure I get it right first time too,

3. He doesn’t recommend using black hat tactics to rank videos (although they are covered in the course) and you in most cases you don’t need to do them. Also they can put your YouTube account at risk.

4. He tells you the single word you need to change that can have your video to outrank other videos. It is so simple, but invaluable at the same time. It’s interesting that it is text that helps to rank a video rather than the video itself.

5. The click through tip is great as well – I can see how the words you use can help your video be seen more often.

6. “Spying” on your competitors can help you in expanding your business – this tactic is a bit sneaky I guess but I can see it is effective. You could also view this as healthy competition as there is nothing underhand and the information is readily available.

I’ve enjoyed going through this section and there area lot of good points in here. So far the course has been well structured and easy to follow. And that is just after going  through the “starter”. There are promises of much more to come in future updates.

I have now been accepted into the Skype group. It seems very active with a lot interplay and banter particularly about Star Trek. I’ve not joined in yet other than to say hello. I’ll probably lurk for a bit longer.

Now on to:  Step Two – The Power Slam Course.

This is in the same format as the Promises section and is split into 13 Chapters.

On the contents page there is a warning not to spill the beans on the course as it will only help your competition. I like this approach to protecting the YouTube Power Slam 2.0 materials.

In the overview he talks about what pro marketers do and what “we elite” marketers do differently to take advantage of how Google ranks YouTube videos.  There is an emphasis that we will be able to do thing pro video marketers can do because our video SEO is going to be at a much higher level.

Just for good measure Cliff throws in that it is a video ranking course and is not a money making course.
The next 3 modules talk about on page SEO and how important to let Google know what your video is about by optimizing the text on the page your video is on. This is about your channel title, video title, video tags and description. I’ve got a video I’ve been trying to rank without much success – so I’ve now made these changes to see if they make any difference to the ranking which is languishing on page 2 of YouTube results (for keyword review). Again I am surprised at how important these text factors are in ranking a video!

So far I am liking YT Power Slam 2.0. I like the fact there is an emphasis on not doing anything blackhat.

Right now I’m off to do some checking of competition for some videos I have languishing on the second page and some I haven’t uploaded yet.

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