You Gotta Have A Passion Or Do You?

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You Gotta Have A Passion Or Do You_A question that is often asked, because it is often promoted by some gurus, what if I don’t have something I’m passionate about. Can I still be a success in internet marketing?

I know the feeling behind that question. I couldn’t find anything I’m passionate about in that way. It could be helpful if I did. But it’s not necessary. It’s not critical to success in internet marketing.

I didn’t find a passion but I did find some areas where I had some interest in to get started in. It does help when you are writing about something every day to have that at least. But passion – no you don’t need that. Passion might not just be all its hyped up to be by many internet market guru (well the ones of the past anyway).

Scott Adams – the author of the Dilbert cartoons doesn’t believe passion has anything to do with success in anything – or it’s not critical at least.

People who make a success in any area do talk about having a passion to become good at what they do and to succeed – in particular sport stars. But Scott makes the point in the video below (which has some good stuff about goal setting and systems too) about what comes first – realizing you might have some talent or having passion. Then of course there is the issue of all those passionate people who don’t succeed.

Looking at business – just because someone is passionate about something it doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to be a success in that. You might do things you wouldn’t if you were dispassionate about it – you can be blinded by this and make mistakes – passion doesn’t necessarily make for a person who makes good business decisions.

He talks about a number of things in this talk which a worth listening to – his ideas on goals as well as passion and systems.  The passion section start at 22:55  and why you don’t need it to succeed – he even disagrees with Warren Buffet!

(Scott Adams has a book that is a good read on what it takes to become a success called How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story of My Life which is a good read – and probably even better if you take some of what he says and put it into action (sad to say I’ve not yet). I’m going to have another read of it after watching the video.)

So what is the answer. This is to a certain extent Scott Adams thoughts on success in general but do apply to internet marketing in particular.

It’s about systems – a system that you follow and develop as you go along – tweaking and improving it as you go. The idea is to work on the system.

It does help to have some interest in the area or niche you want to choose to market too. It helps when you research it, write about it and understand others that have that interest.

Internet marketing is really about different systems just like any business to find potential customers and convert them to be your and/or other business’s customers profitably.

There are various components to each of the system that you work on to improve as you go. It’s more like being an engineer.

You start learning one part of the system and get good at – like start off writing blog posts that rank in Google naturally, then start working on conversions, then work on social media for another source of traffic, learn about building an email list if appropriate and so in. You keep on getting better at each of the areas.

So to me being passionate isn’t necessary  and it might even get in the way. It might help but it is working on systems that get you there and keep on improving.

What do you think – is passion necessary for success?

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