Wicked Simple Profit Review – How To Get To $100 A Day

I was scanning my emails and a headline caught my eye about earning $100 a day. I clicked the link and there I found Shawn Anderson’s Wicked Simple Profit – How to Get To $100 A Day. Sounds interesting to me I’d like to get to $100 a day and beyond.

What Does The Sales Page Say.

It’s short and to the point. After a couple of testimonials that I glance through, there is a painful question to me. I’ve been online too long now it seems and never made any real money consistently. There has been too many distractions (jumping from one thing to the next) and disappointments through trying things that don’t work for me or a shortcut that had already been shut down or never really existed.

Next up is the statement that now all that is going to change, and now is the best time to make money. There’s no back up to the assertion instead its straight on to what’s going to be delivered in just 3 short statements. That is a very short sale letter and no wild promises other than getting to $100 a day.

I check a few of the comments and I decide to buy.  I like the style of the letter and also the price is pretty good too.

The Buying Process

This is all straightforward through WSO and PayPal. There are no OTO’s or anything else. To get the report you can either enter your email address or not by clicking a link at bottom of the page. I entered mine, you can always unsubscribe.

The Course

You receive a 24 page PDF report, the writing is double spaced. In terms of quantity there’s not a lot to the report, we’ll have to see about the quality.

First up is an overview of the system.

What to sell -You are given two sites to source the products.

Where to sell – Next is setting up a site.  It’s very brief. If you’ve never set a site up you’ll need more information than given here I think. What is advised is very simple and information needed is available online by using a search engine.

Traffic – This is about finding products with low competition where someone new can easily be found in the search engines without a lot of authority to rely on. He lets you know how to judge competition that will make it easy to rank.

Next there is some information about what to put on your site. There is very little on how to write it.

There are two sources that you are going to use to get traffic. The first source is by ranking highly on one of the biggest sites on the web. You are ranking for low competition words. Some nice tips on what to include to ensure your content ranks with a link back to your site. You only need to a minimal amount of promotion due to low competiton.

The next source is adding content to another large site with people who have potential interest in the products you are promoting on your site. There are some good tips here and it is not something I’d thought of.  You need to be careful with the rules and there is good solid advice on how to ensure you are not seen as spamming. There are some good points about adding value.

And that’s it. It’s short and to the point.

My Decision

I think the report is lacking in a couple of areas, or it is making very big assumptions on the readers. This is in the site setup (which can be fiddly if you haven’t done before) and how to write the content on your site.

Apart from these reservations I think this is a good course and I got two excellent ideas that I am going to implement. It works well with The Guide To Cashing In On Shiny New Object Syndrome and plugs the gap in this report. I am going to implement the traffic strategies and product selection strategies from the course.

The time estimate of an hour a day seems reasonable, and the only costs needed are for hosting and a domain name. So it’s quite cheap. I’ll give updates on this when I update on The Shiny New Object Syndrome, which is once a month.

I do believe that implementing Wicked Simple Profits you stand a good chance of earning an income.

Click here to get Wicked Simple Profit and start the journey to $100 a day.

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