When Is The Best Time To Start Blogging And Affiliate Marketing?

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affiliate maketing getting startedThe quick answer is you can start one anytime. A good time would be to start today or to commit to it today.

If you are doing this where you are writing about products you’ve used or have researched in depth to give a proper opinion on the product – physical or digital it is going to take some time for you to start seeing results – up to 12 months and beyond has been my experience.

This gives time for the search engines to find and rank your quality content when you don’t force links or buy traffic which is the way that I do affiliate marketing now.

Starting in December, January or February is good because you’ve got time to write and produce content that can start to attract attention in time for Christmas period and January resolutions when people are looking to buy gifts and get started on improving their lives in one way or another. But it does depend on the niche – it just those times are where I’ve had most success so far – as an Amazon affiliate. (With January being better than November and December.)

But if it’s not those months then don’t wait for them to come around you just have more time to get more content online.

By getting started I’m talking about being committed and taking action on a business model that works for you.

There is always going to be that feeling of doubt whether you’re first getting started or you’ve tried and it’s not worked out before. But that feeling is always going to be there and you are never going to know enough – there is always more to learn.

There is always a shiny new object that says it is the best thing ever and you can make a zillion by this time tomorrow. I’ve been there and still do get distracted by this

So the right time to get started is now. Whether you are doing this to build a second income, a plan b or to help with debt or for holidays etc by getting started now the sooner you can get to your goal. You also never know when your Plan B needs to become your Plan A (as I know from personal experience).

It takes time to build an affiliate marketing business , well it does the way I know. It’s slow, takes patience and determination. The first Extreme Review took 6 months to earn a commission, the second one took a month. To earn more than $1000 in a month took me 22 months, over $2000 took 25 months (this was October 2015 and January 2016). You might take longer or you might be quicker. I don’t think I have any special skills in this other than keeping at it.

For me when I saw the first commission it was a moment of elation and the feeling that I can do it. I got that again when I reached $1000 for the month and then $2000 for the month. I also started think about the future with more hope and expectation. But being who I am also started to think about what could go wrong just to spoil the moment slightly.

I’ve still not won my wife over to the idea that this is going to work yet – it probably would help it wasn’t Plan A now! And that is why I should have got this properly started earlier. There is no point thinking about what could have been except to use it as motivation as far as I can see now.

So, what’s involved in getting started.

  1. It Starts With A Commitment

A commitment to treat it as a business and not a hobby. It might be something you do in your spare time but you need to make sure that the time counts. The time is invested doing something productive not surfing the internet watching cat videos or whatever it is or checking internet marketing forums or going through new courses (there is an exception to this below).

As with any business it is important to track activity, costs and income to keep you on track.

You can have fun on the internet but that shouldn’t be when you are working on a business.

  1. Decide on the method or course you want to implement

There are lots of different courses out there to choose from. I did do this randomly checking out the latest and greatest course. It only started to turn around for me after years of trying and treating it too much like a hobby when I started this blog using Tiffany Lamberts Guide To Cashing In On Shiny New Object Syndrome.

The courses that worked for me were Extreme Review/Straight Line with additional coaching as well. But they might not work for you – there is the need to be prepared to research and write in depth reviews and be able to become an Amazon Affiliate.

An alternative is the Pajama Affiliates Home Blogging and Affiliate Marketing Course. I’m going through the course at the moment and have found it easy to follow with plenty of real examples to follow along to.

These course fill in enough of the blanks in knowledge to go from no website or not knowing what to do next to get started build an online income from affiliate marketing.

The important thing is to find something that you can commit to.

  1. Implement and learn as you go

Do someting today and be prepared to learn as you go. If you’ve never bought a domain name or set up a blog before (or don’t know what that means) it can seem daunting the first time you do it but there is plenty of help on how to do it. If you’ve chosen a good course that will show you how to do it step by step.

When you do start taking action the doubts and fears diminish but they don’t all go away but you do have the knowledge that you are taking control of your actions. This can provide you with direction and a measure of certainty. While you are doing you are learning new skills.

If you want to move forward on this idea you do need to start implementing and not keep reading or watching about it. Have you bought a course recently? How did you get on with it?

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