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Jennifer Ledbetter new course What Works Now From PotPie Girl is her latest fininding on what is converting visitors to click on to Amazon.

The previous course Reverse Attack Marketing that I had some good success until I stopped too soon on it and got involved on other projects. It was a very good course.

Jennifer is one of the best IM people on line and always has good ideas to follow and implement.

On to the reivew. First off is

The Sales Page

It starts off with a question that I answer a big yes to as most of my earnings come from Amazon – so anything that increases my earnings sounds good to me.

Next is a little bit of how Jennefier test and come up with the guide. Then there are 2 images of daily earnings from Amazon – they’d be nice.

Next is on to what you get from the guide. It’s a 47 page guide. The thing stirkes me that is good about the guide is that Jennifer has done alot of the testing for you. You are seomething that is practical rather than just theory.

I like the list of things you get. Also there is about here testing – she is much more organzed about this than I am which is great for getting better conversions. It’s something I need to do more myself.

I’m definitely interested in the tweaks that will improve clicks with the same content and possibly make a big difference in earnings.

Next up is a FAQ section. It’s great that this isn’t some limited time offer, that it is a PDF – so no videos to watch and listen to.

Then there is another image of earnings where she earned over $300 in a day – (WOW) and a copy of an email that she wrote to her list.

There are some good points in the letter about it taking time and how hard she has had to work to get here Amazon earnings to $100 a day and how much testing she has done.

Right I’m in.

The Buying Process

Buying went smoothly for me through JVZoo. I paid using paypal. There was no upsells for me. You download just the one PDF report.

The Report Itself

It’s a 45 page PDF. After a bit of an intro on testing and conversions there is a contents list (it looks good) and then there is a bit of a disclaimer about whether the things will work for you and that she doesn’t work for Amazon etc. It is nicely worded.

Then it’s in to the techniques.

Technique 1 is an oldy but a goody. She does have a tip here on how to use it.

Technique 2. I use this one some of my sites. I’ll have to do it more. I’m a bit different from most people when using the web as I don’t click on this type of link that often but I’m the exception. I’ll have to make sure I do this more often.

Technique 3. Okay this is not something I’ve done. It’s very clever and it is very clever and it is something I click and can see how I can use it on my sites.

Technique 4. This looks great and I’ve not used this before. It’s a very clever use of social media in a way that is different and I can see it being very useful on information type pages to get clicks to Amazon.

Technique 5. This is a great tool for providing great looking link on to your page. I’ll be trying it out and can see how it can get you more clicks too.

Technique 6. Another great tool to get great looking links on your pages. It’s one I use and it is fantastic. It is easy to use.

Technique 7. I’ve not used this one before and it will get your links standing out on the page. It certainly will get more views and make you page look more interesting too. Definitely one to try out. This is a bit involved as you neeed to add some code to your site using the theme editor but it’s not difficult and it is all explained.

There’s a link to an example of it in use on one of Jennifer’s review blogs. It looks really good. I’ve tried it out and added to my blog with no problems.

Technique 8. This one is about getting more clicks from Google on to your page. I do this on my page. I didn’t realize it helped in this way. There is a specific plug-in recommended that I don’t use. I’ll be trying it out.

Technique 9. This one is another way to get more content on your page with a clickable link and make it look more interesting, getting more eyes on to your link at least,

Technique 10. Next is about a paid plug in that really helps in getting great looking images on your page. Looks good but I think I’ll try out the other techniques first which are free to implement. It does have some time saving benefits as well as making great looking content for your pages.

Technique 11. This looks great. It uses a free plug in that gets more great looking content on your page with a link back to Amazon. I know myself how powerful this type of content is, as it is something I read and click on.

Technique 12. This is all about how to get people on mobile devices clicking on your links to Amazon. This is very important as more and more people use them instead of desktops. So, I must take a look at all my sites now and make sure the links are mobile friendly.

Technique 13. This is something I’d never heard about. This is something else that is great for mobile devices. I’ll be trying that out too, to see if it helps.

Technique 14. This is another technique I’ve not heard about. It’s great too. There is an explanation on how to use it and why it works now.

Technique 15. This is a great tip and is about how to think about keywords. This is a great section on what people are wanting and looking for when they type those keywords into Google and how you can help them so you’ll get more clicks to your site and ultimately on to Amazon.

There is an example site to look at too, to see it in action. It’s all been good but this is an excellent section on how to structure posts, what to put in them to add value and get more clicks, although you may want to add more content on some of the posts to get even more people clicking through to your pages which is mentioned in the PDF.

Technique 16. This is about when to promote certain products on your site. It makes sense and will help in getting higher commissions overall.

The last section is about how to get content for your site – when to write it and when to get others to write it and a couple recommendations for getting others to write it for you.

What I Think Of It.

[yellowbox]What Works Now From PotPie Girl has lots of great information on how to get better conversions to send traffic to Amazon. Some of the techniques can be used for links to other sites too[/yellowbox]

It ia a well written course that is easy to follow and implement. A few of the techniques will help in getting more traffic to your sites too.
The only thing missing, although not part of the course as described on the sale page (so not really missing from it), would have been a description on how she carries out the tests so you could implement on your sites to see if conversions go up as you try each technique. It would have been a nice extra for me but doesn’t stop you putting them into place and coming up with your own way to test and check results.

So, overall an excellent course with plenty of actionable items that I need to start trying out now! I should get some extra sales from Christmas because of it!


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