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Today, I am looking at the latest product from Cliff Carrigan – Video Logic. This has just been released and it is a software product that helps you to outrank any competitors’ videos for competitive keywords.

How The Video Logic Review Came About

I am on Cliff’s email list after buying a couple of his video courses (YouTube Power Slam 2.0 and YouTube Project X Tube) and I received an email on this giving me the opportunity to buy this before going on sale. I am currently working through ranking videos on YouTube (you can see my progress here – Power Slam 2.0 Update) so this seems like a good fit.

The Sales Page

The title header is “Eat Competitive Keywords Like Candy”. Let’s hope so!

After initially introducing himself and surprisingly giving out his skype and email address, the letter talks about how sometimes you can spend a lot of time and money trying to rank a video and failing sometimes. It can end up cost a ton of money and time. This has happened to Cliff, but about 7 months ago he discovered the answer was researching your competitor’s video.

There doesn’t appear to be any wild promises about how much money you can make. Although, there is the expectation by ranking videos highly you’ll be able to monetize them. (this isn’t part of the product).

It’s looking at how many views, how many videos in their account, comments, subscribers, video title SEO, description SEO, likes, PR, backlinks, tags, social proof, something else. So, there’s a lot to look at, as well as trying to understand Google’s algorithm.

Working on down the sales letter all this research of competitor’s videos and your own can be done manually. What Video logic will do is speed up the process and shows you what your video is missing, and he gives an example of social proof being what was missing not backlinks. By knowing what the key missing ingredient is you can focus on ranking for keywords and spend time and money on doing just that and not wasting it. (So far this sounds great).

The sales letter promises that with Video Logic you will have the information to be able to beat any video on Google or YouTube. It uses a traffic light dashboard report that shows a red light where your video needs work and a green light where you are beating the competitor. I like the sound of this in helping you pinpoint what you need to do.

There is a choice of three different levels available – Google only, YouTube only, or both with snapshot feature.  In addition there is training on how to use it. You can test out the software before you buy, which I did and it works. (Check FAQ if it doesn’t work as it probably means you shouldn’t buy) I’ve gone for the Pro version which gives you the ability to look at the YouTube and Google competitors. The price is discounted from the price he is going to charge.

He makes a promise to help you with ranking your videos. From my experience with him so far, is that he does live up to that promise and gives you advice on what to do.

The Buying Process

For me this was straightforward process. After paying through Paypal I was taken to an offer. You get 12 months of updates with the software. He also is planning some major upgrades and enhancements that will not be available to those who don’t go with it. These look pretty good to me, so I go ahead and buy.

After this I am taken to his website to register. I don’t need to register as I am already a member. I only need to sign in. This takes you to a page where you download the software. There are no instructions on the page other than to download the file
It’s a zipped file and I’ve downloaded on to the computer. It contains 3 files – a read me file, a XX and an installation file. You need to extract the files before clicking to install the software. This all goes well for me.

What Do You Get

Now on to using the software – It a matter of adding the necessary information – your YouTube account and keyword you want to rank for. You hit the run button and it goes off and you get the information. I enter the information for one of the videos I’m trying to rank for (see update here). You can tell it’s doing something with counters at the bottom plus you do get the audio from the video for a few seconds. When it’s finished I’ve got the HTML report in my internet browser.
It’s not the best looking report but it does give you everything you need with green traffic lights to indicate the positive factors. The red lights show where I’ve got work to do. Ok I’ve looked thought it. The report easy to understand and I know the areas I’ve got to look at

Having said that about the report the snapshot feature is fantastic. You can see at a glance what you need to beat up to 20 competitors videos (I’ve only run it for 5).

The Training

I better have a look at the training now (after I’ve used it). The software is easy to use. The training does help to give you more background on how to interpret the results and ranking videos on YouTube as promised.

You find it on Support tab of the software and click on the words Software Tutorial. This opens up a 15 page pdf document.

The training starts off by going through the 15 factors you need to look at to rank a video – on page and off page. There is some good points on what you need to do to rank your video. Then there is some good to know insights into how Google and YouTube look at ranking factors and how they can be different.

Next is an extended discussion on how to get the best outcomes in looking at the results that come back. He prefers a structured approach and I agree with him. I think this is very good stuff (this is me excited).

My Decision

The software is easy to use and it does do what it says it does. I had no troubles with it. The reports aren’t the best looking things in the world but getting information from it easy (which is better than a pretty report you can’t understand in my book). It would be good if you could have the reports in PDF as well HTML format.

The Video Logic Pro software has for me lived up to the sales letter in delivering an understandable report that shows you where you need to improve your SEO of your video. You get everything “served up on plate” and know exactly where I need to focus within a few minutes, so there’s no stumbling around in the dark. I am going to test these results with the work I am doing on YouTube Power Slam 2.0. to see if my rankings improve in a real life situation.

I can see the Video Logic Pro Software paying for itself over and over once I’ve mastered video ranking and conversion, which this will play a big part.


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