Victor Pride’s – 30 Days Of Discipline Review

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I’m reviewing something different today. It’s not an IM product that shows you how to make money online. The 30 Days Of Discipline is about taking action to be more disciplined and successful in life in all areas including business.

I came across this course when I received an email on a blogging course and the email pointed out a successful blog called I didn’t buy the course but checked out the blog to see what it was about. It is run by a guy called Victor Pride. The subtitle of the blog is “Website For Winners.” It is an interesting blog to say the least with lots of good content.  I don’t agree with all of the views of the writer (and some of it could be considered offensive as well as wrong) but the good stuff outweighs the negatives. It is written for men.

One of the courses sold by Victor is the 30 Days Of Discipline. He says this course shows what he did to take him from being an also ran blogger to a successful one. After he implemented these habits of discipline his blog improved and started growing in popularity and income. In one post he details how he made more than $10,000 in November 2013 and he says that is representative of what he makes each month. So, that post got me interested in the course.

The Sales Page

It starts with “Are You Lacking Discipline In Your Life” and then talks about walkers and talkers. The course is not for talkers. This starts to give an idea of what is to follow about the course. It is a challenge and a boot camp if you want it to be.

It says it will show you how to be more disciplined and from that you become more successful. But not only that, it gives you the 12 habits to follow for 30 days to achieve that. You have to work hard to get through it.

There is a list of the feelings you’ll get from this. There then follows a number of testimonials. A number talk about fitness (Victor’s blog has a lot on it about strength training) and there is talk about leading a better life and people improving their career. None mention specifically about becoming a success online.

But there is enough in the sales letter to convince me that this could help me focus more online not get distracted and improve my productivity.  This is a course for men.

The Buying Process

This all went smoothly using e-junkie and PayPal. There are no upsells or anything else to get past to get to the course. You then download the course to your computer

What You Get

You get 2 files. One is the instruction manual as a PDF document. The other is an excel file that you can use to log your progress through the 30 days.
The Instruction Manual Or Boot Camp

This is a 23 page PDF document. It is short. It starts with an introduction to the 30 days – it is a boot camp and there are no excuses. It emphasizes it is a book that needs to be implemented not something to be read and feel someone understands you. It looks like it is going to toughen me up to succeed.

Then there is an overview of the 12 habits. It looks like a lot to get started with at once but they all look doable in 30 days even if some of then I’m going to struggle with. Next he goes through what each of the habits means and why you should do it. These are good explanations.

It is a just do it approach – no excuses to be listened to – it’s not a support group and it’s not there to make you feel better. It is definitely for designed for men and not for children, especially one of the don’t habits.

I made my mind up to follow through on it. My view is it will help my health and general well-being and at work as well as help me in my quest to earn a good income online. I’ve printed the book out and taken a note of the habits in a notebook to read each day so I don’t forget. I’ve also read the book through a couple of times.
The Excel Log

This is a very handy log for ticking off what you achieve each day. In keeping with the book if you don’t complete one of the habits successfully each day then it reports the whole day as a failure – very black and white – there are no percentages complete or any of that nice stuff – you either did or you didn’t.

My Thoughts

I am now on day 7. Some of these habits are tough but I think it is now starting to help with my focus. I’m getting less distracted so hopefully my productivity and creativity will increase to get my online business producing quicker.

The habits cover different areas of your life including fitness, health, appearance, productivity and confidence. Some are hard and some are not so hard but all are worth doing. So the benefits are much wider than being successful in business as it helps to promote a disciplined mindset.

30 Days Of Discipline is for men who want to improve themselves and their life and are prepared to take action. It is priced at $10 so is affordable for most. It is a great no-nonsense template for habit change in 30 days. The purpose is to up your game (for me my goal is online business success but I get other benefits too) and for setting 30 day challenges in the days to follow. I let you know how I got on with it in 23 days time when I finish.

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