Use Your Words By Erica Stone Review Part 1

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I’m currently going through Erica Stone’s Extreme Review course and creating a review site from scratch. I’m busy writing my posts for my new site. It’s new so nothing much to report on terms of traffic or sales yet. But I’d thought I’d take a break from writing from my review site to take a look at Use Your Words.

(The new site I’m taking action on now has 4 posts of which 3 are reviews. The first post is now ranking at the bottom of page 2 on Google. There has been no backlinking done or social bookmarking or sharing as yet.)

This is a course that expands on Extreme Review and is more for when you have your site established. On to the …

The Sales Page

This another short to the point sales page without hype. It’s about having a content plan for your site using the keywords you find with the keyword tools. It looks like there is going to be worked example for stand mixer reviews. Good, I like examples you can follow along to.

Then we’re on to what you’ll learn and what you get. I like these sections as it seems like you get a workable plan for adding content without repeating yourself. I also like the idea of the spreadsheet to organize yourself.

Next its on to who it’s for. All 7 bullet points are of interest to me.

The Buying Process

This all straightforward and is through the WSO process. You get a zipfile that contains the guide and the stand mixer spreadsheet. There are no OTOs to contend with.

The Guide

I’m going to start with going through the guide. It starts off with disclaimers, which I skip over to the index. This gives a nice overview of what is covered in the guide.

The introduction section starts off with Erica giving you some background on herself. It’s just a page long, it’s nice intro to Erica and it doesn’t go on too long, fortunately.

After that we get an overview of what the course is about. It’s about content! How not to end up repeating yourself, what keywords to use and to come up with a publishing schedule to build a useful and profitable site.

Next there is a good explanation how your content can help you compete with sites that have been around for a while without forcing links to your site. She uses an example from one of her sites that she shares in the OBI forum.  It’s a good point about how you can use your content to rank in the search engines without loads of backlinks etc.

Next is ways of thinking about the keywords you find for your niche. You start with keywords and then content follows. It discusses how to think through the keywords so you don’t end up repeating yourself or run out of things to write about. It talks about expanding your site to include topics other than reviews. These are all buying keywords. This is something I struggle with so I’m looking forward to learning more on this.

Now we’re on to post types for a site. There are 7 of them:

1. Yes I definitely use this one

2. I think that will fit with my review site

3. Might be able to use this one.

4. I’ll definitely be able to use this one.

5. This one will come in handy as I build the site out more

6. This one looks good too.

7. I might struggle with this one because of the nature of the site but can see that it would be a powerful post to do for readers and building authority in your niche.

There are some good examples given to help you get a full appreciation on what you could write about.

The next chapter is using a technique she calls layering posts. It takes a backlinking technique to use on your own site to promote your money post. There is a diagram with examples of posts you can use to get this layering effect and promote your post to help it with rankings and funnel traffic to the money post. Keyword research is vital for doing this. This is definitely something I’ll be doing as I develop my Extreme review site.

So far I’ve liked what I’ve read in the guide. I should have been using these ideas on some of my sites that haven’t made it. Instead I let it become part of my vast collection of shiny objects going to waste on my hard drive. It does make me wonder what other nuggets are going to waste on there. But I mustn’t get distracted again!

This looks like another good guide and does complement Erica’s main guide that I am working through. It goes into another level of information to show you how to really expand a review site from being just that to a site that could become an authority site. I’ll continue going through it in my next post.

You can check out Use Your Words Here.

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