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I’m still hanging in here on implementing the Straight Line strategy. It is turning out to be a long term strategy for me. I’ve kept to the strategy as much as I can with only adding the techniques from Pinplosion being added to it to get traffic from Pinterest.

The challenge for me so far has been the writing of the reviews – there is a lot of research required into the product you are reviewing. The reviews are between 3,000 to 5,000 words long to cover everything about the product properly. There is then trying to write them in a way that is informative, interesting and let’s the reader know why something is important.

The other thing that makes it difficult is that the reviews are “desk exercises” as such in that I don’t have the products in front of me so I am analyzing other reviews, product specifications, manuals, asking questions of the supplier, watching YouTube videos and so on. It would be great to have it front of you to see it working in action – especially when you have contradicting customer reviews to interpret.

The value being added as I see it is you are interpreting and analyzing the information and putting it all into one easy to read report.

So enough of m theorizing on value. How has worked out in the past 2 weeks:results 7-19

I’m seeing better rankings and traffic which is good to see in the last couple of weeks. But the statistics that don’t seem to be improving are the clicks through to Amazon and the sales number. The clicks are staying around 11 and the sales continue to cling to zero.

My new posts are now starting to be ranked on the second page or third page of Google within a couple of days of Google rather than the weeks it used to take but not always. Some of the older posts have started to rank and I’m starting to see some of the review posts move on to the bottom of page one. So, I guess this answers one question I had over this strategy -whether you could rank reviews on page 1 without building backlinks. The answer is yes you can. But the remaining question for me is can I use this strategy to make an income.

I’ve been putting a bit more time into using Pinplosion by adding new pins to my boards on a daily basis and following new people. The number of visits has not been great yet but I am now starting to see my pins ranking on page 2 of Google for my review keywords, so that should help in driving traffic to the site.

The sales and clicks to Amazon may not be moving up as traffic is mostly to my info posts as discussed in my previous post. The top 5 posts visited this week compared to 2 weeks a go are:

Info post 7 This week 50/2 weeks ago 22

Info post 9 This week 47/2 weeks ago 46

Info post 1 This week 19/2 weeks ago 20

Review post 10 This week 13/2 weeks ago 10

Review post   7 This week 12/2 weeks ago   5

The info posts with the traffic are comparison posts with links to Amazon and full reviews. This makes me think they are catching people who aren’t far enough along the buying process to make their buying decision based on my content.

Review post 10 is for a product not yet released and with review post 7 I think people are more likely to buy from the supplier site than Amazon (I haven’t got an affiliate account with them yet).

The Next 2 Weeks

As with previous updates I still believe the Straight Line strategy can deliver on a decent income but patience is needed.

I’m going to continue adding posts to my site and adding Pins to the Pinterest board.

That’s it – I’ll be back in 2 weeks.




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