Ever Had Unrealistic Goals And Changing Compensation Schemes?

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Having worked for a number of companies there were a number of things that annoyed me to say the least..

Having a poor boss was often the source of the frustration.

I was watching a clip from one of the later episodes of The Office (US Version) that reminded of two times that I got worked.

It starts with the boss from corporate telling Andy Bernard how well he’d done and then gives him a target in the next breath that is double what had just been done and just walking out. Reminded me of a meeting with a boss that I discussed what I needed to get done personally on a number of projects – to set some priorities and move timelines.

So, after discussing it all for an hour it ended back where it started where he finished saying everything had to be done on the same deadlines. None of it was critical to be done on the deadline. I was more than annoyed at the end of the meeting but there’s only so much you can say at the end of it.

At the end of it Andy has put in motion a bonus scheme and he is having second thoughts. Which reminded me of the times when a company would change a compensation scheme just because they thought they should. Again, you there is only so much you can say about it.

Things go a little better in the clip then they did in real life. But it definitely has its source as real corporate life unfortunately.

You might not have had those things happen to you but you’ve might had occasions when you’re employer/boss does unreasonable things that just eat away at you or maybe it’s just stupid things that happen  – like the wrong person being promoted.

There are a couple of things you can do about this – is change your job  or start something on the side so you don’t have to deal with those sort of annoying things that seem to happend everywhere.

For me I decided I wanted something where I wanted to be able to not have to deal with those annoyances on a regular basis.

I  wanted to do something about it (could be a lesson from The Office clip) rather than just grumble (which I did plenty of).

So, I stopped watching so much TV and started using time at night and in the morning to build an online business . I made load of mistakes (still am) like becoming addicted to shiny objects or not following through for long enough.

From what I’ve learned so far pick one thing that fits with your view of the right way to do things (for me it’s building Amazon review sites) and stay with it until you master it (I’m still in progress). In the meantime keep that job to keep the income coming in if you need to.

Is there anything that your employer/boss does to annoy you? Have you found something online that you are prepared to work hard to see through to the end?

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