What Type of Posts Are Best For Amazon Affiliate Sites?

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What Type of Posts Are Best For Amazon Affiliate SitesWhat Type of Posts Are Best For Amazon Affiliate SitesThere is a wide choice of posts you could write for an Amazon affiliate site. It does depend on what your objectives are as well as the ones that have the best chance of converting your visitors.

They all need to be helpful but some are just more buyer related than others. A review post is one that is for helping people in their buying decision.

Whereas one describes how to maintain a product is more helpful to someone who has the product.  As part of a post you might say how much maintenance is required to help someone decide if it was right for them but not detailed descriptions of it. Although there is ways to monetize that if there are tools required or special types of materials but the buying intent is lower and less likely to convert.

The best types of posts for Amazon Affiliates are the ones that are most likely to attract visitors and convert.

Reviews. For me this is the type of post that provides the best chance for converting visitors providing you give them what they want. This is done with a mixture of your own experience, thoughts and research to give the most value. (See Extreme Review or Home Blogging And Affiliate Marketing on how to write these properly.)

Top 10s/5s. List posts are very popular with people looking for information on what to buy and people search for them. They are great for getting a list of products together that help the visitor with links to Amazon. You can break them up with each product being a best for certain situations as well as just being a list of the Top 10 LED TVS for instance. These can also be popular on Pinterest. more so than review posts.

Best Ofs/Longtail. These are similar to Top 10/5s but for me are more specific where you are looking for products that meet a certain need or problem. These could be the best pink laptops for teenagers or best duvet covers for star wars fans. These can be easy to rank for and there is always new ones coming up. They are another list post and not really provided for by Amazon or other sites as they think there isn’t the volume – but they do seem to convert well making up for that issue.  Also another possible popular post on Pinterest.

You do need a seed keyword to find them and you can do your searching manually or you can use a tool like Jaaxy to make it quicker and easier to find the keywords to rank for.

Comparisons I use these posts to compare two products. It does surprise me of the number of searches there are for these type of keywords. They are great to write and they can really help the searcher by having the information all in one place preventing them from having to search all over the web to come up with their own list.

If you provide it they are moved closer along the buying process and you are likely to get them across if you’ve helped them decide which is right for there circumstances.

Information Posts. These aren’t going to convert too well but they do help the customer by providing them with information about the product or range of products they are looking to buy. This can involve explaining certain features of the product that there is little online about or more generally a buying guide that lets them know what to look out for and how to choose between the different products. It’s a great post for interlinking to reviews and best ofs.

How To. These aren’t directly a buying post but can be used where you have the product or a related product solves a problem that people may have when using the product – for a barbeque it

could be how to keep it safe from the weather when not being used by introducing a certain cover as one of the options etc with a link to Amazon. It is important to keep it all relevant and the post does need to answer the question.

News. These are probably the least converting  posts as you are writing about what is happening in the niche you are in. It helps to give a little more depth and variety to your site so it not is all about buying keywords. These posts can be great for linking to other posts to help the search engines. The best source for this can be from emails, Google alerts and Google news.

These are the best posts for an Amazon affiliate site to have people who visit the site being on the whole looking for help in their decision to buy so that you have a higher chance of having them click to Amazon to buy.  They also have the best chance of ranking.

If you have problems with your posts converting the course I recommend to help is the Pajama Affiliates How To Write Blog Posts That Convert. It goes into how set out a post and what to write about so that your visitors will click on your links and buy something.

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