Two Big Reasons Your Website Is Not Converting Affiliate Sales

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Two Big Reasons Your Website Is Not Converting Affiliate SalesIf you are getting traffic to your website you think it follows that you get sales or conversions. You’re ranking in Google (a great source for buying keywords) for various keywords and you’re getting traffic in reasonable quantities (say 100 to 300 visitors today).

As a rule of thumb for using the Amazon Affiliate program (as this is the one that I am most familiar with) you can get between 10 – 25% of the traffic coming click through to Amazon and then see at least 4.5% or more conversions there. People

This post is written from an affiliate marketing perspective but is relevant to any site that isn’t making money.

There are two broad categories why your website is not converting.

Why are your visitors coming to your site?

If your visitors are coming for just  information or entertainment it is going to be more difficult to convert them for affiliate sales – it is possible but you need a large number of visitors and ad sense maybe a better solution as sites like use, but these sites do pay for traffic.

Conversion rates are lower on these sites as there is less buying intent on the part of their visitors.

If your site is targeting these keywords intentionally or by “accident” then you’re going to experience a low to nil conversion rate.

The keywords that convert best are those where the searcher is looking for information to help them in their decision to buy. They want information to confirm or find an answer to something they haven’t been able to answer.

It can also be looking for “top 10 lists” or “best product with/for certain situation/type”

These are all keywords that have a higher chance of converting visitors.  (See Buyer Keyword Bonus for more in depth information)

You may have picked a good converting keyword but still be getting visited by people looking for information that is relevant for people once they’ve bought a product.

One thing I did at first was talk too much about maintenance.  A buyer may want to know how reliable a product is and how much maintenance might be required -and this is worth mentioning. But talk about it too much and your post may be seen as being more about that then  reviewing the product.

You’ll then be getting visitors to your post that it doesn’t help. They won’t be impressed and won’t be buying anything. So you do need to ensure your post is written the right way for your visitors and the search engines.

What content are you providing them?

This covers both what you are discussing or showing on your post as well as what you are linking to.

The key here is to be relevant to what the person is searching for. They want to read / see information that answers their question or solves their problem. You do need to understand what they want and not just write about what you want them to buy via your link.

If you don’t give them what they want they’ll leave your page quick to find something that can help them out.

The better you can have your post’s visual appeal the more engaged your reader is going to be and more they’ll stay to read what you have to say. This includes the word layout as well as the images you use.

According to Lesley Stevens in her course How  To Write A Blog Post That Converts the way a post looks is critical to keeping skim readers and those who want to read every word is critical in getting them to click on your links.  This is alongside the quality of the content of course.

The product you are linking to must be  something that helps them solve the problem which is fairly straightforward if it is a review. If it is a how to post – which do have less buying intent but can be used to earn income if you use  a particular tool to sort the problem you can link to it and some may buy particularly if it isn’t something common and you can’t buy at the local store.

If you have a recipe ranking high you are unlikely to convert by linking to common ingredients. But you may have more success with linking to something not readily available like avocado oil in mayonnaise recipe and maybe some implement needed to make it.

In summary to improve your conversions you need to write about keywords that people are entering have buying intent, your content is specific and relevant and products you link to help them is the product their interested in or solve their problem.

If your site isn’t converting as you expect then you need to critically look at by analyzing the keywords using an analytics tool (webmasters tool) and what you are writing.

Do you have any tips or techniques that help you with conversions?

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