Tube Monster – Review Part 6 Of IM Power Club And Tube Illuminati

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Hi, back again continuing my series of reviews of IM Power Club that I got access to by buying Tube Illuminati. So far I’ve been through 5 of the modules and today I’m going through the 6 module called Tube Monster. Clive does come up with some novel names for his courses and modules.

Without any more preamble I’m moving on to the review.

Tube Monster

The first thing I notice is that the welcome page says it is coming soon but I look on the left there are already 7 parts listed. It does say that it is a series of mind maps that bring various aspects of the membership site all together into one place.

I find mind maps can be a useful way of having a checklist. So lets see what mind map one is about – it’s niche research and it works.

Mind Map 1

It starts with a funny looking  monster, and that is definitely one of Clive’s talents is his graphics – they always bring a smile to my face. There is a video on the left on how to use the mind map – how to navigate and click to other resources referenced in it.

It is big mind map and when you scroll out to see it in full everything gets too small to see.  It took me a bit of time to get used to it  Now on to the first part of the map and it starts with an audio file. It’s a short audio giving an overview of what to promote. Okay it makes a few points and after my initial concern I’m getting the hang of this. There is a number of resources linked to underneath that you click on and they open up in another window.

There is a load of stuff in this module and some of it is in Tube Cola – it links out to these resources but there is a lot in addition to that module. As you work your way round the mind map there are videos, audio and documents to click on.

I’ve got some good ideas in this module. I now like the way it has been presented. It is easy to follow along. The videos included are from experts other than Clive.

The mind map goes through finding a product, finding a niche, keywords and assessing competition for YouTube videos.

There is also a link to the IM Power Club Facebook group where you can ask questions. I’ve been a member of this for some time and there is some good stuff shared here and it is a good place to ask questions. It has been a little quiet recently but Clive does go in there and answer questions and share new stuff he’s working on.

Mind Map 2

This is on video creation. It starts with setting up a YouTube account. It doesn’t  show you how to set one up. It gives you tips on what you need to do to if you want to set up more than one YouTube account. The actual mechanics aren’t there but there is plenty of videos online that can show you how to do this, if you don’t know how.

The advice given on opening more than one account is good to know and there are links to resources you can use to help you open more than one.

Next is a video on how to get clicks from your video – it is a clear run through on how to do this and there a links to Tube Implant 2.0 training that I’ve already been through.

Next is video creation tools and you are given a wide selection of tools you can use to create videos – paid and free. I think this is a valuable resource. There are 12 resources linked to.

There are some free graphics that you can down load listed here too and a couple of resources you can use to create them and how to use them. There is links to the Tube Fake Out module whichshows you how to modify them for your own use and how to add them to a video.

The 4th section is about Tube Illuminati which I’ve already reviewed.

The last section is about some sales techniques you can use to write scripts for videos to grab an audiences attention and get empathy. It is brief and is more a taster than a full explanation. It is good stuff to know.

There is a quick outro on making sure you’ve got it all.

My Thoughts

I wasn’t expecting that. There is a lot more in this module of the site. It is a very good addition. I’ve not been through this before so it is new to me. It is probably a good idea to start here rather than the way I’ve gone through the site.

This is another very good module (and I’ve only been through the first 2 parts of it) from IM Power Club that you get when you buy Tube Illuminati.

Read part 5 here


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