Tube Monster Returns – Tube Illuminati And The Power Club Review Part 7

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Today, I am back looking at Clive McGonical’s IM Power Club module Tube Monster. You get access to IM Power Club when you buy his course Tube Illuminati. So, far it’s been a good experience going through all the all of this additional experience.

The amount of extra information you get over Tube Illuminati really surprised me. It shows me that there are people who really do care about their customers. He has added a lot more to Club while I’ve been a member and he says he will be adding more once he has tested more techniques.

On to Tube Monster Mind Map 3

This map covers what you need to do to optimize your video and video page to help it rank in Google and YouTube.

The first topic in the mind map after the introduction is on pre-upload optimization. It is a video and is a good step through the steps to take for optimizing your video.

Next topic is on post upload optimization. There is a short video that covers the steps to take in the advanced setting tab when you upload a video. There is a link to the Tube Cola Google doc which is a comprehensive list of steps to take to optimize the video and page. It is step by step, I found it useful as a checklist.

Topic 3 is on using captions to get rankings. Clive runs through the steps to take to change the captions recorded by YouTube to something meaningful and help add to ranking factors.

I like his style where he admits he doesn’t know everything but has found that these things help.

Topic 4 is on some software that can help with rankings by seeing what the competition and then lets you know what you need to do to your video to be better than the competition. It gives you a score to let you know how you are doing. I’ve used the software before and it is very good and can help you.

Optimizing a video, its about description and tags is like optimizing a blog page in some respects except you don’t have to be as careful but you don’t want to go overboard either. To me Clive does walk you through the balancing act of optimization with right amount caution and aggression to give you the best chance of your videos being there long term. There is no guarantee, as with anything involving Google but I think his approach give you a good chance of getting your video on page 1 of Google and it not being removed by YouTube and Google. With that said on to …

Mind Map 4 Backlink Boogie

This is about building backlinks to your video. There is a video overview about how to use backlinks without going too far. Not mentioned in the video is the fact that YouTube and Google are now looking more closely at backlinks to videos like they have done with blogs and websites. You still don’t need to be a careful as you are with blogs but there is no point in going overboard and pointing a lot of spammy backlinks if you don’t have to.

This is the approach taken here is to get quality backlinks and only what you need to rank. The amount you need will depend on how competitive the keyword is you are ranking for.

There is a link to the Backlinks Boogie document that list some of the best places to get backlinks from. I’ve used this document to rank videos along with Video Logic software (it helps to see what the most powerful backlinks your competitor’s videos are using). It has helped me rank my videos.

Next topic is video from another marketer that talks how you can quickly add more “link juice” to the backlinks you build on Web 2.0 properties so you don’t spend lots of time building links to them. It is very good tips, there is a bit of foul language but not too bad.

There is also a video from Matt Cutts about links and Google’s search engine. Interesting stuff.

There is resource recommendation you can use to help with automating some of the backlinking tasks, which you may need to do in more competitive niches. I’ve used a number of them. I’ve found them to be useful in ranking my videos and they seems to do a good job. Again his approach is not to go overboard and take it slowly so you don’t do more than you have to.

Mind Maps 5 – 7

These have been uploaded yet unfortunately. I’ll review them next time. As this module wasn’t part of the course and is being added I’m okay with this.

What I’ve been through so far has been an unexpected bonus so far, I’m sure it will continue as more as added.

My Thoughts So Far.

This module of IM Power Club is the best one I’ve been through. It really pulls all his teaching together and consolidate it all while building on the information that is on the other modules. You get access to the club when you buy Tube Illuminati.

I’m expecting this opinion will continue as more is added.

I think before you go through Tube Illuminati it is a good idea to go through the Tube Monster module to give you a good grounding in ranking videos and getting clicks to your offers.

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