Tube Illuminati Review And IM Power Club By Clive McGonigal Part 1

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Today I’m taking a look at a YouTube course Tube Illuminati. It comes with access to Clive McGonigals IM Power Club and it currently includes Tube Smarty too. I’ve had this for some time and have used some of it to learn how to and actually rank videos.

YouTube videos can be a quick way to rank on Google and YouTube (of course) but as with anything to do with Google they make changes, so it pays to stay up to date. As I go through I’ll let you know if I think there is anything that I think may be past its due date.

On to the…

The Sales Page

I like the graphics on the sales page and the sense of humor. The first part is about the birthday special he’s running. Clive makes the point he is actually doing what he’s teaching.

There’s some earnings proof to get us started. I like the narrative even if it is a bit confusing. There’s a list of what you get which is access to the members area that includes Illuminati, Tube Cola , Backlink Boogie. I couldn’t see mention of Tube Smarty but it’s at the bottom of the page.

There’s some testimonials along with scarcity tactics. Skipping through this bit there are some FAQs to let you know who it is for and then on to a bonus of 3 overlays -they look like they’ll be great on your YouTube videos. He makes the point no video editing software needed – good news no extra costs. There’s a quick run through of Tube Cola and Backlink Boogie.

Under the sales post is a 5 minute video that goes through what you get in the membership site. It’s a bit rambling. One point I like is that it is a membership site that gets added to and changed not just one being used to download the product. He runs through why he uses Google Docs – so that the content can be easily updated.

The Buying Process

For me this went smoothly, there was no issues. Once you’ve paid you get taken to the membership site to register. As promised there were no upsells or OTO’s.

Registration was straightforward. As well as the site you can also join a private Skype group and Facebook page to get help in ranking videos and keep up to date with what is happening in YouTube and IM Power Club.

The Course And Site

Once you’re in the site it’s bit hard to know where to start and I think it would have been good if there was a getting started module to let you know what each of the modules is about (the video on the Warrior Forum helps a bit).

There are 7 modules listed along the top of the site. They are titled:

Tube Implant

Tube Illuminati

Tube Monster (this says it  is not live yet and is coming soon but there is content there)

Tube Fake Out

Tube Cola (includes Backlink Boogie)

Aff Implant

Resources (This includes Tube Smarty I thought for a second it wasn’t there)

I like the different names for the modules but it is a bit hard to know what they mean.

Where to start? I’m going to checkout the Tube Illuminati section first. Seems as good a place as any where:

It starts with a demo video that is 7 mins 30 secs long and demonstrates the use of the overlays (graphics). It starts with a little bit of a joke then Clive talks about a great trick you can do with your videos using these overlays that is discussed in the Tube Implant. Looks really good (and I have used them on videos I’ve made). They are not too difficult to use although you do need to do some editing to set them up for your own needs (not shown in the course)

Below the video is links to the graphics promised in the sales letter and a pdf guide. It’s 10 pages long. The first couple of pages are introducing the guide.

After that where into a step by step guide that shows how to add these overlays to your video and what they look like using screen shots. They look great.

There is a bit of talk about optimizing your video when its on YouTube but not how to do it. (It might be in one of the other modules but it’s not mentioned in the guide). I think if you are new to video marketing some of the other modules maybe a better place to start – like Tube Cola.

The PDF is good and straight to the point. It does walk through the process of using the graphics and the “secret way” of making of video. As I said I’ve used them and found them great a great way to rank videos fast.

 My Thoughts So Far

I feel I’ve only just getting started in going through this resource. There is a lot of good stuff in here but some explanation on where to start would be great to point you to the right place. That aside Tube Illuminati and IM Power Club look to have a ton of actionable content in it.


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