Tube Fake Out Module – Tube Illuminati And IM Power Club Review Part 5

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Today. I’m continuing my journey through IM Power Club. Currently the only way to access this membership site is through buying Tube Illuminati. I got a lot out of going through the membership site and while I’ve been a member Clive has added 2 more modules after I bought it as well as content to the existing modules.

I think it’s great to see someone who actually does update their course regularly without charging you to access it. There are too many product developers who say they will and then decide to leave you to your own devices.

So, you do get much more in the site than the techniques discussed in Tube Illuminati. There are 7 modules in total on the site and today I’m going through the fifth one called Tube Fake Out.

Tube Fake Out

There are 5 parts to this module. It starts with an overview of the module. This is another clever idea on getting people to click through to the offer or product you are promoting. This helps to get over the problem seeming to “salesy” or trying to get people to click your link in the description below the video. There is an example video so you can get a good look at how it looks when put into practice.

The next part of the course goes though the method step by step. Looks straightforward and it is.

You get a selection graphics in the 5th part with the module that can be used to implement the process. You need to download them to be able to use them in the 3rd part of the course. This is a video that runs through how to customize the graphic to use on your video. It’s a good walk through and shows you a few ways to use a free graphic editor to change the images supplied.

The next part of the module shows how to add the graphic to a video using a free video editor. I found doing this a bit fiddly and had to run through the video a number of times to get it done the first time. But once through it a couple of times it gets easier.

Then its a matter of uploading the finished video to YouTube (which you need to find out how to do this yourself) and then use Tube Implant 2.0 method to get those clicks to your offer.

This module needs to be used in conjunction with Tube Illuminati, Tube Implant and Tube Cola. It really adds on top of the those methods giving another way to get clicks. It is a clever idea and you do get everything you need to implement it.

A short module in some respects but It did take me a while to do the stuff but it gets easier and it isn’t too difficult it was just getting used to the free video editor and graphic editor that took the time.

Thoughts On This Module

As I’ve said before this is a very clever idea and is fairly straightforward to implement. The instructions are easy to follow along to. I wouldn’t go to this section until you’ve been through the Tube Implant and Tube Cola modules so you know what to do once you’ve edited your video.

This module is a great addition to IM Power Club and really adds to value you get when you buy Tube Illuminati. These are very effective ideas in getting the most out of YouTube marketing. You also get everything explained in a step by step way. I learned a lot and have implemented parts of the course and earned commissions.

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