The You Tube Power Slam 2.0 Review Part 10 WithVideo Logic Review 4th Update

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I’ve been documenting my progress in ranking 3 YouTube videos applying the techniques in YouTube Power Slam 2.0 since . It is now  51 days since I started the process. See kick off Power Slam 2.0 review here.

I have also been using the insights from the Video Logic Professional. This software researches the competing videos and compare yours with them so you know where you need to improve to overtake them in Google and YouTube.

Like my case study on Reverse Attack Marketing I’ve been seeing some results but nothing of significance, especially in terms of money. And that is still the case.

Having said that, Cliff does say his course is a video ranking course and not a money making course. He’ll show you how to rank. Whether you make any money is up to you. It now appears to be delivering on the ranking.

The Results Are In:

One Month Ago


YTPS 1 Month Ago V4

There has been improved rankings on YouTube, but still haven’t cracked the first page of Google yet. There is still very little happening in terms of seeing clicks to my website


I’ve continued to build backlinks and social proof to the video. I also did some work on optimizing the onpage factors.

A Year Go


YTPS Year Ago V4

1 click through to the offer, but no sales.


No actions taken but rankings continue to hold, but no improvement either.

New Video




The results are encouraging but there has only been a couple of clicks to my website despite these encouraging rankings. One of the reasons this maybe ranking more easily than the 1 month ago video is that optimized it following the techniques in the course.


I’ve continued to build backlinks and views to this video, and it is the one that has seen the best rankings in Google, with it being on the first page for 4 of the 5 keywords. It is the first placed video for does keyword work and keyword reviews. It’s 2nd place for the other words.


I am now starting to see the rankings I was looking for on two of my videos. This confirms that the techniques taught in Power Slam 2.0 do in fact work along with the insights provided by Video Logic Pro to beat competitor’s videos. It would appear that patience is a virtue. Although some money would help now.

One of the things discussed by Cliff in his course is how many video he has ranking. He says he has at least 3500 of them. This is something I’ve ignored but it seems that it is worth trying out. Even though you may rank for a video there is no guarantee that you will be able to earn from it. For a number of reasons – the video is not right, the call to action isn’t right, the sales page doesn’t etc etc. Over the next week I’ll be looking at the number and type of video I have to see if I that will make the difference.

It is interesting to me that the simple videos, that are no where as the videos as I’m using here, from the YouTube Project X Tube course have actually gotten more clicks, even if the sales result is the same.

You can check out Cliff’s course YouTube Power Slam 2.0 by clicking here and his YouTube ranking Software Video Logic by clicking here.

Next Steps

I intend to carry on building Social Proof and other off page factors as described in the course to see if I can get the number one video position on Google. Then the cash may start to be seen in bucket loads!


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