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Sandy Duplessis’s YouTube Power Slam 3.0 Review Part 3

I’m back today looking at the updated YouTube ranking course from Sandy DuPlessis – YouTube Power Slam 3.0. The previous version – 2.0 – was the course that I learned a great deal about ranking videos and using the information it has helped me to rank videos on Google and YouTube. In my previous post …

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YouTube Power Slam 3.0 Review Part 2

There are a lot of courses about ranking videos in Google and YouTube, and there is almost as many software programs being released that also say they will give you the number one ranking too. It gets difficult to know if they are worth checking out. One course that I did find very good was …

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YouTube Power Slam 3.0 Review – Sandy DuPlessis Updates And Improves?

Today, I received and email from Cliff Carrigan that his course YouTube Power Slam 2.0 has been revised and updated by Sandy DuPlessis and is being published today as YouTube Power Slam 3.0. Having bought the previous course I get access to the “new and improved version.” I am excited about seeing what is in …

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