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Reverse Attack Marketing Review Update – No Work And Commissions

Is this passive income? I thought it was time I gave an update on Jennifer Ledbetter’s Reverse Attack Marketing. I have not given a full update on this from before Christmas last year. This is also the last time I did any work on it as I moved on to some shiny objects and also …

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Pot Pie Girl’s Reverse Attack Marketing Review Part 8 – The Results Are In

It’s been awhile but I am going to finally reveal my results in using the Reverse Attack Marketing and what my thoughts are on this course overall. I started using the methods at the end of September and through October, November and part of December. I bought some more shiny new objects and these distracted …

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Reverse Attack Marketing Review Part 6 – Is It Worth It?

During October I’ve been working through the Jennifer Ledbetter course Reverse Attack Marketing. It is a course that shows you how to use free sites to rank highly in Google and make affiliate income. I set myself the challenge of building 31 RAM Campaigns. (See here for explanation of the RAM challenge). There are 3 …

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