Straight Line Review Update 12 – A Long Time Coming!

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It is just short of 2 months since I last posted an update to my implementation review of Straight Line by Erica Stone. It’s hard to believe it is so long.

So whats been happening in that time. Despite saying I was going to continue posting new reviews and articles on a weekly basis – I did nothing on the site or anything internet marketing related at all other than a little keyword research earlier in the week.

I stepped back to being an amateur wanting to be inspired rather than “embracing the suck” and getting with It – I procrasitnated – so no real reasons.(It hasn’t been 7 weeks totally wasted – I’ve lost 6lbs weight, set a pb for 5k run – 2 mins 29 secs quicker and generally improved my health – just in case you thought I slept the shole time). Still enough of that – what’s happened to the site in terms of results in that time.

The Results

The result are in interesting. Comparing the latest week to my last post shows:

results 27-9

To say it again I haven’t done any work on the review site – however, the results now seem to be showing movement in the right direction. With improved rankings for my review posts and more clicks to Amazon and more sales. The earnings for the week for me were $35.66 and total to date is $75.59.

The sales have all come from different reviews plus some unrelated products. Its good to see a return on the work but it is slow and does make me question whether it is worth carrying on writing and adding more posts to the site.

There are a lot more review posts and information posts that could be written. If it goes as outlined in the course your authroity increases with your visitors and this sould equate to more sales per day and more income.

Sp, with the encouragement from the last week sales I’m going to continue building out the site with more reviews and infomration and see what happens – it is moving forward in the right direction even if it is slower than I expected.

Some of the reasons could be the niche selected, my style of writing, not providing the information people are looking for or the cynical view that the system doesn’t work (I don’t think it’s the system as I have seen some results and others have spoken of their success).

The rankings have come without building any backlinks other than promoting new posts on 4 social network sites. So the content has ranked purely on the information included not because of links. When I check Google for links there does not appear to be anything linking and I am not getting any referred traffic.

So, you can get rankings and traffic from Google without force building backlinks but it does take time. And once you get people to your site you can get them to click through and buy from

My Thoughts So Far

Straight Line system works well (and Extreme Review), if you are a good writer and prepared to work or you are prepared to work hard at being a better writer you can make it – it just takes time. Patience and putting in the work is important in getting results – so don’t think it will be an overnight success.

I’m continuing on through this system and adding more posts and intend to report back here on the results each month. I continue to believe this system is going to provide a good steady income in the coming months and beyond.


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    • Ash on September 27, 2014 at 7:18 pm
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    I’m very happy for you,you deserve it! The sites earnings will likely increase each month now you’ve put the groundwork in. More and more sites are getting penalised for unnatural links and PBNs which can only mean good things for your website.

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