Straight Line By Erica Stone – Implementation Review Update 4

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Hi, a week has gone by, so it’s time for my promised update of Erica’s Amazon Review Assignment course Straight Line. In my last update post I talked about being in the messy middle of this implementation and I’m still there. I’m still there unfortunately, waiting to see some results from my work.

I’ve added to 2 posts to my review site – a review post and information post. So, I am staying on track with my posting schedule. In fact I published 10 posts in April giving a total 15 post in all.

Here are the results:


I think this can be summed up with “not much changed.” If anything my rankings and traffic have got slightly worse. Especially my first review post has gone from ranking at 21 to nowhere to be seen. What seems to have happened is my Pinterest board for the site has replaced it in Google and is ranking at 20. Hopefully, my post will be on it’s way back soon and this disappearance is just part of a Google dance.

I am not building backlinks other than updating social sites that I’ve posted a new post. With the exception of Pinterest I am not doing anything else on those sites – I’m not making connections or posting other information on them. I am following the instructions as close as I can from Straight Line.

I’m still determined to carry on publishing 2 posts a week until the end of June to give this a good chance of succeeding rather than moving on to something else like building up my RAM campaigns or YouTube videos or whatever. At the end of June I’ll make a conscious decision about what I should do next – hopefully it will be obvious that it is to carry on because of the great results I’m seeing.

It is frustrating to not see results from your work. This waiting and persevering is tough especially, even though I’ve tried not to have this happen, my head gets filled with “magic” by all the sales letters promising instant success and my own thought process.

My head must have been filled because I wouldn’t have collected so many courses in my IM collection. Not that the courses are necessarily rubbish or all the sales letter promised untold wealth, just that too many of the courses I’ve barely looked at or not followed through past the frustration – with RAM being one of the recent examples, where if I’d carried on I might have been earning the start of a solid income.

Having said all that my next steps are to continue researching, writing and publishing the best posts I can for my review site and because of this I’ll see some more traffic and commissions. It still feels a bit like the Field Of Dreams – “If you build it they will come” – I like the movie but that line always has struck me as too much like wishful thinking rather than practical.

I think Erica Stone’s courses are among the best course there are on making an income, and that is one of the reasons I’m persevering with Straight Line. It doesn’t promise overnight success nor untold riches rather it talks about a long term sold income. It takes work – the best work you can – to put you in the best position to earn because of the value you are adding to your visitors.

My view still is that Erica Stones’ Straight Line is a good investment if you put in the work needed.


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