Straight Line Amazon Review Site – Update 6

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2 weeks have flown by since my last update on my progress in implementing Erica Stone’s Straight Line course.

I.m documenting my progress on this as I want to stick at one thing and see it through to hopefully a good solid income and hopefully help others in determining if the course is something worth buying and persevering with

I’ve continued writing content and researching products to review. I fell behind in my posting schedule of 2 a week and only managed to post 3 out of 4 posts (2 reviews and 1 informational post). It’s not because I wasn’t working on it, it’s just the time it takes me to write reviews – I’m not the quickest writer at the moment – I’m looking at ways I can speed up.

Let’s take a look at the results

Results Update 6

The rankings of my posts seem to be improving overall. I wish they’d all just go up in a straight line. This improvement can be seen in the number of visitors coming from Google – going from 12 up to 37 in a week. That looks good,

However, the other results aren’t so good. With them all going backwards – bounce rate, average time worsening but pages improving.

Those measures have been reflected with clicks to Amazon going down to zero in the past week – at least it can’t get any worse. Obviously there are no sales.

Progress in rankings and commissions are slow but I am not building links to the site other than updating 4 social sites. Maybe if I was link building I’d see higher rankings, more traffic and some sales. But, this is not what is taught in the course, and for now I’m sticking to strategy as taught in the course.

I am concerned about the bounce rate and average time on my site, as these are ranking factors and it appears at the moment my posts aren’t engaging the visitors. I’m not going to change anything just yet but will keep an eye on this – it might improve as more content is added and my rankings improve. It seems to me that most people think a high ranking in Google means that by default the content must be the best information available – hopefully I’ll be proved right when my posts start ranking further up the page.

Panda Update 4.0 does not appear to have had affect on my rankings positive or negative.

The only review that went backwards was review 2 – I think this might have something to do with review 8 as the product is similar. To help stop with duplicate content I captured some of content as images using jing (a free tool for screen capture) and posted to review 8. Hopefully this is just a blip like I saw with review 1 a few weeks back. Otherwise, I’ll need to take a look at my content to see if there is more than just a passing similarity.

Next Steps

My current view is that I am continuing on Straight Line being my main focus of my internet marketing endeavors. I am a little “peeved” I’ve not seen better results at this stage as I thought I’d start to see more clicks to Amazon and a sale or two. But I know gave up too soon on RAM (which I do want to get back to) as the results started to come through after I had stopped and moved on to something else.

My aim is to continue to publish 2 posts a week until the end of June and then take a look at where I’m up to and decide next steps. I intend to post again in 2 weeks unless something significant happens. So, for now that’s it for this case study update.

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