Stop Treating Internet Marketing Like It Is A Hobby

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Dont treat it like a hobbyIf you want to build an good income from internet marketing you can’t treat it like a hobby.

This has held me back and can hold others back too.

I know some people make money from their hobbies online but there is two parts to that as I see it – the hobby and then making money from that hobby.

There is also a difference between making pocket-money from it and a full time income.

When I was younger I used to buy records (like CDS but black and bigger). When one of the artists I liked brought out a new record I wanted to get it as soon as I could. I wanted to read about them. I wanted to go and see them when they were playing a concert nearby. I did it all just because … well just because.

That’s not the way to make money but sure is a good way to spend it! And this is what internet marketing can become like – with the money spending and wanting the next best thing!

It’s Got Be For More Than Enjoyment

Making money online has another reason than enjoyment – it’s to make money online not to create a pastime – like listening to music (and there is nothing wrong with that). It just is different that’s all.

You could have it as a hobby if you wanted – and then it becomes something different. It’s more for fun than profit.

What happens when internet marketing is a hobby rather than a business is that money becomes secondary when making buying and implementation decisions. It is more about the thrill of buying something new and consuming it. Not making money!

With the way internet marketing works there is always something shinier being release on a day by day basis that looks like it is the best thing since the last shiny new object you bought.

On top of that there are plenty of other distractions to get some sort of buzz or satisfaction from – there is the latest blog post by some guru, participating on FaceBook pages, getting involved in a forum discussion, listening to a blog post or watching a video, and so on.

Why Are You Buying For Fun Or Profit?

There is nothing wrong with buying new products or reading, watching or participating online but you do need to be doing it for a purpose other than like you might do with a hobby. This is where there is no thought as to how it can help you improve your business performance if that is really your goal – to have a successful online business.

Whenever I’ve spoken to people who have successful businesses they don’t have a hobby mentality they look at things from a business perspective when they buy a new tool or course.

They buy it because it will improve and will use it!

They buy it with the commitment to implement it to improve their business performance not just to learn something new. They’ll work hard with it until they get it to succeed or determine it won’t work after giving it a real go – not just stopping at the first hurdle and decide it’s time to go look for something new.

They ask questions with a purpose of increasing understanding to use and solve problems, not just for the sake of learning and getting a buzz.

Small Or Big!

If you treat home blogging and affiliate marketing or any other online business model as a hobby the chances are you are going to make only small amounts of income (if any). In fact you may end up spending hundreds if not thousands of dollar on course on tools that just sit on your computer as files a bit like my records do now on shelves not being played taking up space and gathering dust (much to my wife’s annoyance).

There is a time for it being a bit like a hobby when getting started I guess but that should only be a short period while you are learning and deciding on a business model. But don’t take too long over that or what started out as just a few weeks becomes years and thousands of dollars spent for little or no progress.

After that short period, if you want to be a success with this don’t treat it like a hobby or pastime.

You need instead to be focused on learning and implementing not just consuming content. Look at your metrics – productivity, your visitors, your engagement, your service, your conversion and so on and work on improving those if you’ve started your business.

I’ve done the hobby thing, and still sometimes drop back into buying things just because they look great and do nothing with them, but I’m improving and I am now making a small income online now (over $1000 per month). That has come from changing the mindset from playing to working on a business.

This is key –  think of it as a business even when not making money.

PS. If you still haven’t found a business model that works for you my two top picks for making money online are Erica Stone’s Extreme Review (Read review here – I’ve had most success with this) and Home Blogging and Affiliate Marketing (read review here – great for beginners and intermediate affiliate marketers – I learned some great stuff and I am using it).

Do you struggle with a hobby mindset? Or do you think I’ve got this wrong. It would be great to hear from you below.

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