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Barbara Ling just brought out a new course called Social SEO Leapfrog and I thought I’d let you know my thoughts on it. I’ve been through it but I’ve not implemented it yet as I’ve been busy setting up my The Monetized Life Site and writing content for that.

The Sales Letter

Interesting sales letter. Looking through it the parts I like is:

– 10 minutes time

– Using Google Hangouts (great once you get over the initial concerns and remember to speak with energy)

– Not having to worry too much about SEO – on page and off

– Traffic that doesn’t just rely on search engines

– How she uses Google Hangouts

– Google Eye Of Sauron made me smile


The Buying Process

After you pay for the product there is an upsell to negotiate through which is a done for you offer that looks okay. You get taken to a download page to enter your email address and sign up for the webinar and there is a zipfile you down load.

What Do You Get

There are 3 files in the zipfile:

A readme text file that lets you know what you bought and where to download and to sign up for the webinar.

Hangouts – Pdf – about google Hangouts I guess

Social SEO – A pdf and this is where I’m going to start.

It is a 32 page pdf document. The first few pages are for the cover, contents page and disclaimer. The first section proper is the introduction and it gives a quick overview and the 5 steps to setting the system up. She makes a good point on thinking long term with your strategy.

There are other places than Google that people search for information and you need to consider your approach to them to get the most out of social SEO. She gives you the 5 Social networks to set up your profile and there links to videos help you in setting them up.

Next step is working out the keyword phrase you want to rank for.  There isn’t guidance on the keyword to choose here. It then discusses titling your google hangouts and how you want to be doing them daily. The Hangout pdf is for planning your Google Hangout and this gives you a couple of resources for finding keywords to rank for.

Next step is about using google hangouts for 1 person. It gives a good overview of setting up a hangout and using this method you would appear on screen as a talking head – you don’t have to if you don’t want to – as you can share your screen and have a presentation show up that you talk over instead if you want (but this doesn’t going into this – if you want more info on hangouts this helps – Super Simple Hangouts (a bit dated now but still good stuff).

Next section is on posting your hangout and how you go about that. Instructions are simple to follow and it is straightforward.

The final step is to share the hangout to your social profiles and doing this in an automated way – similar to her previous courses. Again this is explained well and it is easy to implement.

My Thoughts

Social SEO Leapfrog is a simple idea and it is well explained. I think it will be effective in getting your name out there. I know from experience when I’ve used Google Hangouts that they can be easy to rank but I’ve not promoted them in just the same way as explained in this guide. See my post here on my experience with Hangouts.

I can see this helping in not only getting good rankings but also in improving your authority in a niche, but it will take time and you do need to persevere but you should see results in your niche. It can put into action and you could probably set this up to take about 10 minutes a day if you got organized.

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