Sandy Duplessis’s YouTube Power Slam 3.0 Review Part 3

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I’m back today looking at the updated YouTube ranking course from Sandy DuPlessis – YouTube Power Slam 3.0. The previous version – 2.0 – was the course that I learned a great deal about ranking videos and using the information it has helped me to rank videos on Google and YouTube.

In my previous post I went through the first 3 modules that covered keyword research, Google account opening, YouTube account opening. Working on through the modules the next is on YouTube Channel Creation.

This is delivered in a 22 page PDF document you download. It goes through a 17 step process showing you how to get your YouTube channel up and running. It is clearly explained with lots of images to show you where to find things when setting up your channel to get the most out of it for ranking and engaging viewers. There are links to resources paid and free that can help in creating artwork for your channel.

Next it’s on to the Video Manager module – this is an 8 page PDF that details how to navigate around the video manager. Again it is well laid out and there are some good tips here on naming your video and why to set your video to private when you first upload it.

Video SEO Part 1 is next. This is a 14 page PDF. It starts off by talking about the fact that Google and YouTube are changing and improving. There are a couple of good resources recommended to help you keep up to date so you can make changes to your approach as needed. Then it’s on to a discussion about ranking videos and treating your channel right and videos to get them ranking well rather than spamming the channel and hoping for the best long term.

Then it’s on to specifics of Video SEO going through how to title, what to write in the video description, tags, privacy, playlists and category. There are plenty of good tips in here on making sure you stand out in the search engines as well as how to rank high.

The next module is Video SEO Part 2 – a 14 page PDF. In this section it is going through enhancements, audio, annotations and captions. It is well laid out again with clear instructions on how to use these YouTube sections.

The mind map that is included is excellent. It gives you a list of actions for uploading and ranking videos plus it goes through some of the other features of YouTube. It is one of the most comprehensive lists on YouTube I’ve seen in one place. It is easy to follow and there is plenty of explanation and which module covers each of the branches of the map. This makes a very good checklist or reminder to make sure you do everything to help your video rank as quickly and easily as possible.

My Thought so Far

This is a very easy to follow along course that is ideal for beginners who want to know how to optimize their videos to rank on Google and YouTube. There is none of the hype you see with many courses; you just get the actionable information you need. However, some more background would have been nice to give some of the information context.

You get an excellent description of how to choose the keywords to rank for but there is no explanation about why you are using the method to make it easy to rank. You don’t need this explanation to rank but it would be good to know.

That aside what I’ve been through so far is a good update to Version 2. It takes you through each of the steps you need to do in a logical fashion making it easy to know what to do next.

There is more to come with the course. There is software included I need to take a look at and play with to see how this can help with and a bonus module on using Google+ that I am interested in as this is something I’ve not really used or understand how it can help. I’ve just seen at as something you have to do to open a YouTube account rather than being of any real use.

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