Ryan Stevenson’s Azon SEO Master Review

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I got some good information out of Ryan’s previous Azon Niche Master so when he said he was releasing a new Amazon course I thought I’d check it out. It’s called Azon SEO Master. So, what is it about…

The Sales Page

It starts with a video from the course. It is looking at Google searches and seasonality – some good points on being in different niches to level out the fluctuations. I also hadn’t used the little graph icon next to the number of the searches to give you searches by month. Interesting stuff.

Then it’s on to a description of the course which is 11 videos and a PDF going through Ryan’s tactics on SEO for Amazon.

There are a couple of bonuses too – a webinar where he goes through a live demonstration of finding keywords – I always like this sort of thing. The 2nd bonus is an ebook – I’ll be interested to see what he has to say about content and avoiding slaps.

It then lists the videos in the course and the length so you know exactly what you are going to get. Looks interesting and is a good approach. I am now on to …

The Buying Process

This goes through fairly smoothly. There are a couple upsells to go through that look interesting but lets get on to the course. You get taken to a membership site when you enter in the URL.

On the left of the page are some of Ryan’s other courses and plug ins plus ebook. On the right are the bonuses.

Underneath are the videos that you can either watch by streaming or download.

On to

Video 1 Google Keyword Tool Introduction & Ad Group Ideas

The video makes an assumption you have already picked a niche and product types you want to investigate This was covered in his previous course). The video format is similar to that course too.

He gives a good explanation of the keyword tool. I’m familiar with this but he does do a good job.

Video 2 Google Keyword Tool Keyword Ideas Introduction

This gives a great introduction into choosing a keyword and looking at volumes to decide which ones to choose to get the best result and not have to do too much work to rank and not have to work too hard or do back linking.

Video 3 Google Keyword Tool Keyword Traffic Trends

This is the video that is on the sales page. So I’ll move on to

Video 4 Primary Niche Keyword Phrase Selection

This is about the keyword that you want to use to summarize your site. Working through his example he tells you the keyword he selects and his thing he goes through it selecting and the words he doesn’t target. Interesting stuff and I think you can get to see one of his sites too.

I’ve spent a fair bit of time going through the site. It does offer good useful content but doesn’t appear to be ranking too high in Google for the keyword. I like the look of the site.

Thoughts So Far.

I spent longer on the site than I should but it does look to me that it could be good to have a few of these sites along with Erica Stone’s Straight Line sites to spread some risk.

I think there has been some very good information in this course – mainly for beginners but when he goes into his thinking about selecting keywords I found useful too. It looks like it is going to be a course that provides you with useful information you can use to get your keywords together for an Amazon affiliate site.


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  1. 1

    SEO is a struggle for me, on all of my sites the traffic hover under 10 visits a day from Google LOL. Maybe in a years time the traffic will explode or something but I doubt it, I see similar things with your straight line site. When Erica says she gets 200-300 visits a day I was shocked, I think she’s just picked a really good niche. Anyway nice review.

    1. 1.1

      Thanks. I agree SEO is a struggle – whenever I’ve done back linking my sites seem to quickly disappear. You make a good point about visitors from Google I was expecting to see more by now, but it seems getting to page 1 is difficult without using building backlinks.

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