Ryan Stevenson’s Azon Niche Master Review Part 2

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I’m back today going through my review of Ryan Stevenson’s Azon Niche Master. A product that shows you how to look at amazon (mostly) to get ideas on products and niches to promote. On to the next videos:

Video 9: Exploring an Amazon Product: Listing Description, Listing Details & Bought Together/Also Bought Products

It’s just under 6 minutes long and continues looking at the information on the product listing and what to look out for.

Video 10: Exploring an Amazon Product: Listing Details & Best Sellers Rank

This is just over 4 minutes. It shows you how to use the best sellers list and good advice on what to include on your site.

Video 11:Exploring an Amazon Product: External Website Ads & Also Viewed Products

A good explanation here on these sections of the product listing and what to look out for in just under 5 minutes.

Video 12: Research Products on Amazon: Q&A and Reviews

This is a longer video -it’s just over 8 minutes. There are some good points here on using the information you find here as the basis of your reviews and information posts by delving deeper.

Video 13: Avoiding Amazon Affiliate Refunds

This is a short video at just over 2 minutes. This discusses how his sites help people to work out the product they want. Good points made here.

Video 14: Amazon Best Sellers & An Introduction to Other Special Pages

A 3 minute video that gives an introduction on what you can find on the best sellers page.

Video 15: Hot New Releases & Top Rated Products

This video has a few ideas on how to use the new releases section to give you ideas for reviews for your site. I’ve taken a look at this section and found some products I can review on my site. I’ve not been through it before. It is just under 5 mins and 30 secs long.

Video 16: Most Wished For & Gift Ideas

This is similar to video 15 but goes through a different section and discusses thinking about reasons why people might buy the product. It is under 4 minutes long.

Video 17: Amazon Goldbox Deals

This video talk about how long you get credit for sending someone to Amazon and how Goldbox can help get people to buy in a shorter period. He also shares good idea on how to find niches by looking at products.

Video 18: Amazon Lightning Deals

Similar to Video 17 and discusses how these deals are different to a Goldbox deal.

Video 19: Coupons & Other Special Deal Pages

Some interesting stuff in here as I’ve never really been through this page before. It could be worth going through to find deals for myself as well as for my site.

Video 20: Niche Selection Strategy

This outlines Ryan’s strategy for his sites. I would like to have heard more on this. Hopefully the bonuses will help in giving more information on this. The points in this are good but some examples would be good here.

Video 21: Brand & Product Targeting: Copyright & Trademark Warnings

This gives you a warning about using copyright and trademark restrictions and what you can do to target them if you want.

Video 22: Using eBay for Amazon Niche Research

This video shows an interesting place to find ideas. It’s a page I’ve not used before but will be in the future.

Video 23: Closing Thoughts: What Amazon Product Price Points Should I Promote?

Good basic information here on choosing different price points to use on your sites.
This course gives good detail on the information available on Amazon. It helps you to dig deeper and provides some pointers on what to think about as you research products on Amazon. It is excellent for beginners and I picked up some things I need to include in my research too.

It would have been good if there was some more information on how to use the research to build a site but this is not what the course is about. It does a very good job of showing you the information you can use on Amazon to build a site.

The bonus PDFs give some more details on picking a niche and of the two I think Download Niche Domain Research has the best information on selecting a niche and checking out competition. Both use the old Google keyword tool so could do with updating for this,

My Thoughts

I’ve got through this course a look quicker than I thought I would. The videos are short and I think they initially were part of a webinar or something. They are about the right length although the delivery was a bit slow for me at times.

Azon Niche Master has a lot of good information on using Amazon pages to research for niches and understanding how Amazon works which is what the sales page says it will do. I’ll be using a number of the techniques discussed here to get more information for my review sites. It is a useful course. I am also considering his OTO AZon Home Study Course which looks pretty good.

However, if you are looking for a complete course on building an Amazon review site I think you would be better looking at Straight Line. Or if you want something quicker you could consider RAM (to get sites quickly), this course – Azon Niche Master (for picking products and niches) and Ninja Reviews (for review writing.



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