Rob Tierney Simple Video Spin System 2.0 Review – A Free Method Lets You Spin Your Videos

I’ve been buying PLR videos for a while now and they’ve just say on my hard drive. I’d been concerned about them getting deleted or ignored for being duplicate. (why buy them – see Shiny New Object Syndrome). So, when I saw Rob Tierney was releasing  Simple Video Spin System 2.0, which says it will solve the problem of duplicated content, I thought It’s worth checking out.

I have bought videos from Rob Tierney in the past and they are of a very high standard. I’m currently using 2 of them in my case study review of YouTube Power Slam 2.0

When I review a course I like to implement and write my thoughts as I go along so you’ll also get a kind of case study of this course too.

What Does The Sales Letter Say?

The first step is to take a look at the sales letter to understand exactly what is being promised. The letter is part video and part text.

First thing I don’t like about the video you can’t tell how long it is, but fortunately you can pause it. Good news, it’s only about 3 minutes long and it is straightforward explanation of what you get and there is no hype.  He says there are two video parts to the training with each about 25 minutes long plus a video on how to optimize a video when you upload it to YouTube. In addition you get 40 call to action graphics and 2 live action call to action videos. These are to help with getting viewers to click on your link below the video.

Going down the text it talks about the issue of duplicate content. Then it talks a bit more about the course showing you how to turn PLR videos in  to brand new content quickly by “spinning them” without having any technical knowledge or expensive software, in fact the method is free.

There;s a nice big buy button with the price.

Now, there’s some more details on what’s included in the video. I like the fact he runs through an example in the course.

You can spin your own or PLR videos to get more uploade to target different keywords – the more videos have the more money you can make. I guess this really means there is more possibility to make money.

There’s a bit on why he’s doing it, which seems reasonable. Next there’s two bonuses, I’m not sure what Income Jacker is, and the other bonus is a Golf niche pack.

Overall it’s to the point and you know what you’re getting. I’m buying this because it’ll help me get some more videos up.

How Did The Buying Process Go?

The buying process is straightforward through JVZoo and PayPal. It went seamless for me. There is an OTO which you can either get a personal license for or commercial license. I went for the personal license. These give you additional content for your videos. They’ll help you spin the videos even more from what I can see. You don’t need them for the course but they’ll give you more variety when you spin the videos.

You can skip the up-sell easily because that option is given at the top of the page – not hidden at the bottom somewhere. Nice touch.

The Simple Video Spin System 2.0 Course

The course is made up of a total of 9 videos. Each one has the time they run on top which is great.

First up is an introduction to the course. Just over 2 minutes long. Well presented and gives a good outline of what you need to do.

The second video demonstrates using the free video editing application to make a new video from PLR. The video is just under 7 minutes including publishing on YouTube. The video is ranked number 2 on Google in 5 minutes.  It is easy to do. I’ve just followed the instructions and made a new video. Not checked my rankings though!

Next video is another way to make a new video from an existing video. It’s as simple to do as the first. The video tutorial is just over 8 minutes long. There’s a bit of background noise but doesn’t get in the way of hearing the instruction. I’ve followed along and created my second new video. Easy.

The 4th video checks the results of your new video on video – seeing how it looks on YouTube – then tidying up the description, tags etc. How to optimize is in a later video.

The 5th video shows you how to add some more effects to your video. The video is 2 minutes long.  I’ve added the effect to my video. Simple. (Video 4 & 5 seem out of order).

That’s the end of part one. So far so good. On to part 2.

The first Part 2 video shows you how to add the call to action graphics that come with the system to your video. The 2nd one shows a really good trick on how to get more clicks on your call to action. I think this is going to be very powerful for getting more click to my site. Excellent tip.

The 3rd video shows you how to optimize your video for being found by the search engines. These are similar to the ones found in the YouTube Power Slam 2.0 course but is a good overview and finishes the course well. If you’re not familiar wit how to rank it’s well worth watching and taking notes. I’ve not optimized the video I’ve spun as I’ve gone through this course. I wanted to get the spinning techniques right first on a practice video. (You can see it below if you want).

The final video is a round up with a caution and he offers a discount on his video service, and it is a decent discount too.

My Decision

The Simple Video Spin System is a very good course and delivers what it promises on the sales ledger. I found it easy to follow and there wasn’t much jargon.

The videos you get are as good as you want them to be. You are in control as the spinning is manual  and you don’t end up with garbage like you can when the spinning is automated. When you’ve done it a few times you’ll be able to get many different videos to help rank for many different and related videos. If you want to utilize the videos rotting on your hard drive and put them to work this is a great course to make that happen.

Click Here To Get Your Copy & Get Started Today

My spun video – It’s a practice one!

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