Rob Cornish – Evergreen Passive Income And What To Be Aware Of – Review Part 2

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epi-boxshotBack today continuing on my in depth review of Rob Cornish Evergreen Passive Income course. I go through the course step by step and also what to look out for (see below).

Last time I went through the first half of the course. It gave a good idea of the type affiliate programs are best for an evergreen income.

I’ve got a few products together that I need to start promoting properly on tools I already use.  Hopefully that is what’s covered in the next half of the course

So now on to next video:

Getting Approved

This is another clear video with some good tips on how to get approved with affiliate programs – its more than just saying “approve me.”  It makes good sense.

On to the next:

Traffic Part 1

This is a longer video at 25 minutes long. He has good points about how you should write the post. I agree with them. He does reveal the post he wrote about the product he revealed.

He then goes through some headlines. I can see them working – I’m just not sure how I could use those for the products I’d chosen above.  They do seem a little negative to me without being anywhere as bad as those fake ones using the word “scam”

Next there is an outline of how to write the product post. Then it is on to the post itself.

The post is excellent and flows nicely with the headline – and it isn’t as negative as I thought it would be but it’s not something you can necessarily write unless you’ve got the product.

The lay out you can use and the principles.

It’s amazing he gets the great results he does with such little traffic that he says but with the headline and content I can see it being very targeted.

This for me is the best video to date. There are good ideas here that I can incorporate into the reviews I write.

Now we’re on to the second part of Traffic:

Traffic Part 2 Video

This is a much shorter video at just under 10 minutes. This covers the 15 minutes per month of work you can do. It is a good idea on how to get some extra commission each month. It probably won’t take even 15 minutes a month.

It is a good simple idea to make the most of the traffic you are already getting. I need to add that to my blog.

Moving on to

Extra Tactics

This video has few more tactics you can use to increase conversions from the traffic you are getting to your blog. There is one idea that I should have done before now.

So one good reminder in there for me. The other ideas are good but take a little more planning to do.

So now here we are at the final video

Context & Wrap Up

This is a good way of showing that he’s given you what he said he would.  Plus it does talk about how you can getting better results by using a couple of tactics to increase earnings. There is a low key introduction on his further training that is available.

Then there is a good wrap up of how you should approach your content and marketing.

Below this is

A Cheat Sheet & Slides

I like these both. They give a good summary of what was discussed in the videos. It helps you with notes and steps to take.

Following this is a bonus video on more ideas from a conference presentation. I’ve not gone through it yet – it is 90 minutes long.

What’s My Take On The Course & What To Be Aware

There is a lot I like about Rob Cornish Evergreen Passive Income.

It is well presented. It is simple to follow along to. The techniques are sound and are about adding value to the visitor.

There are some things I that I have reservations about.

The first is the headline examples and templates. I can see how they can be effective. I’m just not sure I’m comfortable in using them and I don’t know enough to be able to write in a way that follows on from the headline. But that is just me and many people will be fine with them – they’re not bad they just don’t fit with my style. What they did do for me is give food for thought on my headlines. (Okay I might just worked out how to use one)

The another point is about getting traffic to the posts and setting up a blog. There really isn’t much on this at all. I’m okay with this myself having gained some experience in writing posts and seeing traffic come to sites without link building etc.

Creating the initial post I guess is the 60 minutes and I think that will take me longer than that time to create and write it- you may be quicker than me. They’re not huge posts I’m just not that quick – it might take 3 hours or so for me to do that – including publishing and adding images and formatting- so not too far out I guess.

Although it is mentioned that SEO isn’t important I think some more on that and about the waiting that may be necessary when starting out to see traffic coming to your content when waiting for it to naturally rank. You are unlikely to see the numbers Rob talks about quickly but it is something that will build up over time – months and probably years – which is to be expected  and he does talk about it at the beginning.

There is an expectation to know how to build a website and get content online – so if you don’t know how to do that you will need to investigate that separately.

The course is not for absolute beginners but for those who have got started and not seeing the results from affiliate marketing that they wanted.

This is a good basic course for those who want ideas on how to choose good affiliate products for long term commissions and how to write valuable content that converts. Also, it has a good real blog post you can use to set out and write your own on an affiliate product along with explanation on what to cover in the post.

Overall, it gets my recommendation as a good course on affiliate marketing the right way.

Evergreeen Passive Income Review Part 1


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