Reviewers Edge Review – Part 7 – Erica Stone’s Writing Made Easy

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I’m currently going through Erica Stone’s Extreme Review and related guides.  I’ve just finished up Ninja Reviews which gave more detail on how to write in depth reviews. Today, I’m going to look at one of Erica’s older guides Reviewer’s Edge that also deals with the important business of writing reviews.

Sales Page

The sales page is direct and to the point. Not sure if I’m keen on the term “crush the competition” sounds over the top to me.

What I liked about the product was that it takes you through the process of writing a review that is worthwhile to the visitor and that your sites will become self sustaining.

It does sound a bit “if you build it they will come” as you’ll rank high due to the quality of your content. Sounds good but we shall see as I build my site.

What You Get

You get a zipfile with 3 PDFs – Reviewers Edge Guide, Sample Review and Long vs Short Review Test.

So, working through the Main Guide which is 24 pages long. It starts with a statement about how important reviews and you need to put effort into them to make them stand out and help you become an authority in your niche. This is different to what I’ve read in many WSO. If you’ve read any of my other posts in this series you’ll know I like this approach to product reviews.

Next up is tips on how you can be best prepared to write long helpful posts for the reader so you’ll get links naturally. There is a link to an example review site that looks really good.

She ran a test back in the day between long and short reviews and from her workings long reviews rank better than short ones. I think today the results would be even more in favor of a well written long review. There is then more good reasons why  longer reviews are better.

Right, now we are into the duplication with Ninja Reviews with outlining your review. It all makes good sense.

The Amazon triggers section is interesting and has good ideas about how to get people to click on your link ti Amazon. (Although Amazon doesn’t like you to use their reviews on your site anymore).

Next is a section on thinking about your visitor. Following this are instructions you can use to outsource the review writing process. It finishes up with some useful tips on hoe you can use the information in guide to bring your previous review sites back to life,

The Sample Review template is great it takes you through the 4 stages of writing a review using an example you can use to model your own reviews on. From getting ideas to finishing your review.

My Thoughts

There is some overlap between this guide and Ninja Reviews with the setting out of the outline. However, this course concentrates more on the detail of writing the review and has the Sample review to help you. If you have Ninja Reviews you can write great reviews without the Reviewers Edge.

What it will do is help you in structuring your writing process so it is more efficient. These reviews take a bit more thinking through and anything that makes them quicker to write is worth it.

Although it is an older course by internet marketing standards it’s still worth checking out it is still relevant today. It has high quality information that is actionable if you choose to take action. It’s best not to let it sit on your hard drive going stale like I have until now. I think following this course and the others in this Extreme Review series of posts will help you to develop a profitable long term business.

You Can Get Started With Reviewers Edge By Clicking Here

Update On My Progress

I’ve just finished up my third review post for my site using the guidelines in this course and Extreme Review. I’m not sure these posts are getting any easier. Still, it’s early days yet. My first post is now ranking at the bottom of page 2 without any social bookmarking or backlinks, so that is encouraging. There have been no clicks to Amazon as of yet.

It’s going slower than I’d like but I’m still hopeful these reviews will see me earning a long income. I’ve not experienced anything to change that view. It is stretching me in terms of writing and researching.

I’m now getting started on my 4th review and I’m hoping they will start to get easier to write. If you enjoy writing you’ll probably fly through this part of it.

I’m having to learn how to be a bit more forthcoming and also answer the question so what when I talk about a feature. I’ve habit of just listing the facts and not talking about why they are important and when you might want to use them or it helps the buyer.

Still, overall I’m optimistic about the outcome and I like what I’ve written so far, just need some people to start visiting.


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