Review Update Of Guide To Cashing In On Shiny New Object Syndrome – Where It All Started

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It’s been some time since I gave an update of my experience with Tiffany Lambert’s Guide To Cashing In On Shiny New Object Syndrome. This is the course that introduced’ me to the idea of writing a blog about reviewing and implementing internet marketing products, and so IM Product Blogger was created.
My review part 1 of this course went through what he benefits of the course were. In summary the benefits to me were
1.       Accountability and earnings from writing the blog about IM
2.       Implementing the shiny new object I bought
3.       Make money from courses but getting over the addiction to buying new stuff

My Results

I’d like to be earning a good solid income from IM efforts by now but that is not how it’s turned out. My stats from the beginning are (start date 12 September 2013)

Visitors – 1,013
Comments – 21
Income – Blog reviews £131
Income – Implementing £967

Writing each week for this blog, I try to write reviews and updates 3 times a week, has helped me move further along on my IM journey. It gives me a way to reflect and analyze what has happened or not happened.

I’ve been able to see where if I had carried on I would have seen a better income – Reverse Attack Marketing and Profit With Hangouts (with the help of YouTube Power Slam and Tube Illuminati). I didn’t keep on with them long enough even through I made commissions.

This has meant that with the course I’m following now – Straight Line (with coaching) –  I am sicking to it even though I haven’t made a cent from it yet. When I first started I didn’t put enough time into it but I am now fully committed and I report back on this blog each week with my experience and work. This approach helps me and hopefully it helps anyone who stumbles across this blog too.

When I first started implementing The Guide To Cashing In On Shiny New Object Syndrome I was buying loads of WSO and JVZoo products each week – it was costing a fortune. I carried on doing this for a while after. There was just too many of them and I finally came to my senses with the help of this blog and it is now slowed down to a trickle as I now have properly bought into Tiffany’s course of forcing myself to fully consider courses, implement and review on this blog. So, definitely the course is a success in this respect.

Other things I’ve learned or acquired is the ability to write quicker (and maybe better?) and be more productive by focusing on the task at hand rather than trying to do too many things at once or flitting from one thing to the next and not doing any very well or leaving a lot of things uncompleted or “not done” as Marlon Sanders says.

A lot of good has come out of this course for me – I’ve stopped spending money on adding to my collection Shiny New Objects (unless I’m going to use them), I’m more productive and seem to be achieving more in terms of output. (The site has helped me in making sure I stay focused on one thing at a time.) I’ve earned some commissions from the blog and the products I’ve implemented.

The only thing that is not where I’d like is the income. I feel I am now in a strong position to start to see an improvement in this over the next 6 months due to going through the course and what I’ve learned from the other courses I partially implemented and the Straight Line course I’m working on now.

Summary To Date

The Guide To Cashing In On Shiny New Object Syndrome has been very good for me in a number of ways to date. I’ve not created a good solid income stream from writing this blog. Also, my results with what I’ve implemented and reviewed haven’t done this yet.

These results are down to me, I think in the main, rather than the courses themselves. What I have got over this time the ability to write quicker and got better at focusing on one thing and sticking with it longer. I feel that these types of productivity or life skills are more important in achieving long term than any short term benefit. However, I do want to see some more income from the courses I’m implementing coming in over the remaining 7 months of this year, to make it really worthwhile.

I plan on publishing another update like this one in August/September 2014 where I’ll again be showing my results and whether it is worth getting Tiffany Lambert’s Guide To Cashing In On Shiny New Object Syndrome. My view today is yes but don’t make my mistakes. Instead be fully committed to the course, stay focused and cut down on the distractions and bad habits like checking your rankings more than once a week etc.

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