Review Part 2 Of Flip Your World By Erica Stone:

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Today I’m going to dig into adding content to your Facebook part of Erica Stones Flip Your World. I’m looking forward to finding out more on this strategy.

Content Sources

There are 5 sources where you can get content for your Facebook page to share with your followers. Two I hadn’t used before – good to know – easy to implement. I’ve now added these to my Facebook page

An important point is made to focus on quality and don’t be concerned if you think you might be helping your competitors.

Following on from adding content to the page we are now moving on to adding tabs on to Facebook page, which are like a menu at the top of the page. After a bit of backwards and forwards I managed to add the 2 tabs required, one being for Amazon affiliate disclosure.

It didn’t seem to quite follow the instructions (may have been me) but I got there in the end. I’m sure I’ll get another to do it the right way later on. For some reason Erica gets more choices than me when she clicks the + button on her tabs – I can’t have set it up properly – oh well, got there in the end.

Growing the number of fans is next which you can do for free or pay for Facebook Ads.The free way looks like it could take a fair bit of time to see results, but will get there in the end I guess. I would have liked to see a bit more on this part.

So, the free method involves more work and time and the Facebook ads costing money to get the page likes and testing to get it working effectively.I think if you do this wrong and Facebook Ads can be a waste of a lot of money. Later in the guide there is discussion about doing it the right way.

Promoting Products

This is setting up your Facebook page to enable you to make commissions from Amazon. This involves the set up of an a-store the right way. I’ve not done this before. There are detailed steps on how to do this on blogger, unfortunately I’m using an existing blog. I’m hoping this is not too hard.

This step is needed to do before setting up a Facebook ads campaign – this statement would have been good to put with the initial discussion on Facebook Ads.

Right onto the a-store set up. As always there are nice clear screenshots and arrows where to put your info or the button to press.

First place you start is in Amazon within your associates account. My screen is a little different because I don’t have an exist a-store- I built one and then went back to add one- now in the same place (a little tip there!).

So, now on to setting the store up – I’ve found it fairly easy following along Erica’s instructions and Amazon layout. I’ve added products, chosen my store colors and store name.

I’ve ignored some of Erica’s advice on setting up as I am putting this on a WordPress blog and not a blogger blog (a little help would have been nice here).

You are presented three choices for the code to use to get on your site – I’m going here with Erica’s choice, and I’m off to YouTube to see how to add to WordPress. The video confirms my choice. With a bit of playing around with my theme I’m there .eventually. Now looks okay.

Getting a link from Facebook to the a-store was explained clearly in the guide. Then Erica reveals something I didn’t know about Amazon which is very useful. It’s their online chat option and you find it under the contact us section. Erica includes her conversation she had with an Associates Representative confirming that her approach of using Facebook and a-stores is okay with Amazon.

Facebook Ads For Likes

In this section we learn about using Facebook Ads for likes and some free ways to grow as well. I didn’t see any ideas for growing my likes for free – I guess that was earlier on.

There are links to 2 free resources that can help you with setting up you Facebook campaign the right way in addition to the information Erica gives in the guide.

I think I’ll give the ads a miss for now – as I have 466 page likes and I’ll see if I can grow them using the free methods mentioned earlier.

Posting Affiliate Links on Your Facebook Page

I’ve always wondered how you can sell on Facebook without turning everyone off. Now I’ve got some strategies to help me not be pushy and annoying. Some of this is making sure you don’t do it too often and put it in a way that is helpful.You want to like you are giving

Erica comes up with another great tip on Amazon, which I didn’t know you could do. You can share your affiliate link on Facebook using the Amazon Site Stripe.

Scaling Up

In this chapter are some strategies on how to get more sales by either building more pages or by scaling up your site etc. Good to know but probably for another day.

What’s Next

That’s it for today on Flip Your World – after setting up an a-store for the first time and getting my Facebook page ready.  This has been a ton of good information I’ve learned today from the course.

Join me tomorrow for my interim conclusion as it is too soon I think to reach a full conclusion, and what my plans are for implementing. In the meantime I’m off to add some more content to my Facebook page.

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