Review Of The Guide To Cashing In On Shiny New Object Syndrome – Part 2

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After a smooth ordering process I’ve got my Guide To Cashing In On Shiny New Object Syndrome downloaded.

What Do You Get

It is a 40 page pdf document with few pages and very little padding from first read through. Walking through the guide you get the usual disclaimer up first which I have no problem with and especially after there were no rash promises of huge amounts of cash.


The first part of the guide is showing how to approach buying and using shiny new objects. The next is setting up your blog and the last half goes into the detailed step by step of exploiting my addiction.

However, first up is an introduction to how the system can use your addiction to shiny new objects to help you make money rather than just spending it. I like the aim of the plan. Tiffany then gives an overview of what you need to do to and that it can be an effective way to quickly rank at the top of the search engines. (Nothing on how long it might take to get to this position.)

Here comes the stern bit – about having to take action on this system on a regular basis for it to work. It makes sense and shows that this isn’t some kind of magic loophole but is based on hard work as well as her 10 step plan.
She next emphasizes the importance of telling it like it is, as she did in sales letter, basically telling you to get over being too nice. I probably need that – I don’t think this is something I’m good at (being blunt that is).

One of the concerns I had when buying this guide was that it was about profiting from the make money online. You’ll be competing with all those superstars and gurus and who would want to listen to someone who isn’t successful. She addresses this point very well on the next page of the guide with some insights as to how people want information from people they can trust and have actually used the product not more hyped up reviews from these gurus.

Next are some more good points on the importance of honesty and personality in winning over others – like when you talk to your friends. Okay, I can see that when I’ve talked to my friends about anything you do let them know you got on.

Then we have Tiffany’s view on SEO which is different and I do hope she’s right as I do get sick of making Sure I don’t have the keyword in too many times or too few and whether I’ve built enough backlinks or the right sort with right anchor text and on and on. I hope she’s right on this one.

Building Your Platform

This section of the guide is about setting up your blog the right way for the system to work. She talks about buying a domain name and hosting, setting an email address. And then we move onto ensuring your personality is in your posts. Not sure why it is here in the guide, I’m sure it would have been better just before getting into the process proper.

Then we’re on to getting your blog on the internet with step by step instructions. They are pretty clear but a video here might have helped or diagrams. Still, there are plenty of free videos available online that can help.

Okay next were onto configuring the blog with 5 plug-ins. She does miss the fact you need to do some initial set up of one of the plug-ins. (Again plenty of help online.)
Next we have some tips on choosing the right theme, widgets to use and picking an auto-responder. I chose the graphene theme available through wordpress.

Now there’s a warning about trying “too” hard but instead be natural. Okay I get it, this seems out of place here, but still I understand that it does need to be said. No-one likes someone who comes across as fake.

Next we are back into setting up the sidebar and ad space bar – I’ve not added any yet but will do when I have some visitors!

Next is designing a header for your blog. I tried to do this, got sick of it turning out worse than not having one – so I paid someone fiverr to do it for me for s cost of $5.

The main theme of this section is to keep it simple, and this makes it easy to set up and get started when there are no secret loopholes to exploit.

That’s it for now – my blog is up and set up – so I am on my way to fortune in the make money online niche. Hooray! See you tomorrow.

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