Review Of Extreme Review Part 2 – What Do You Get?

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Here we go! In to the review of Extreme Review by Erica Stone proper, where we look at what you get for your money and start implementing it.. When you buy and download it you get an 87 page pdf, a niche ideas spreadsheet in a zip file and there are no one time offers in the way.

I’m going to go through the book and give you my impression of what I like and don’t like. I’ll be talking about my experiences of implementing it with an objective of a successful outcome – an Amazon review site that makes an income of a $1000 or more a month like clockwork is the aim.

The Extreme Review 2013 guide starts with an introduction to how Erica got started in internet marketing and how she arrived at making a single site earning a solid income and providing content that people looking to buy a product would find helpful. I like her definition of an Amazon Review site – it’s informational and useful. You also get the types of content in addition to reviews you’ll need to provide.

Picking a Niche

After a good grounding in one what a good site is where into the difficult issue of choosing a niche or product type to write about.

There are some great techniques for coming up with niche ideas to get you started on the topic for your site. The spreadsheet that was included in the download is where you list your ideas.

Next we’re onto filtering the ideas to see if there is enough interest in them. there’s enough to write about and there’s not too much competition The niche spreadsheet helps you to record and assess the ones that are worth continuing with. It is a thorough way to test them and you can do it all with free tools.

The instructions are easy to follow with images to help you through the process.

I’ve been through this and it can be very frustrating when the ones you like have to be put aside as they are not the right ones to pursue. I came across a site that was fantastic on my favorite idea. It’s a site to come back to and take a proper look at what they’ve done to get it so good. So it’s a niche idea to avoid, there are easier ones.

After that disappointment I found one that met the criteria and is something I’d be interested in researching and writing about.This does seem like hard work until you find one. It’s worth doing the work here I think if it saves disappointment later. I always find this step hard as I get to the stage where I just want to get started but patience is the best course of action.

A Domain Name

Next Erica takes you through pick a domain name, another frustrating time. You think up all these great names and find someone else beat you to registering it.

She talks about the advantages and disadvantages of exact match domain and catch names. She talks a lot of sense here.

I got my name and registered it after spending what seemed like an age.

Registration, Hosting And Set Up.

You get taken through the process in a step by step fashion with plenty of images to help you through the process. It’s simple to follow.

You are walked through setting up a WordPress site manually which takes a little bit of time but isn’t too difficult. It is supposed to give you some protection from being hacked as the more automated methods are easier to hack apparently.

This step takes a bit of time but you have a site that is set up, is SEO optimized and has plug-ins installed and analytics set up. There are 2 paid plug-ins suggested but they aren’t needed. I didn’t get them at this stage, I may come back and buy them once I’ve got everything set up and running and making money.

Next is on to writing a review and I’ll let you know all about that next time as it is going to take some time to write from my quick scan of the next pages of the guide.

My Thoughts So Far

I’ve really liked what I’ve been through so far. You get an easy to follow step by process to choose a niche, a name and hoe to set up your review site.

This is not overnight success type product (here today, gone tomorrow in many cases) but one that will take time to build up and should stick around when the work has been done.  It’s definitely one that will be a slow burn – I’m hoping it’s not too slow.

You’ll need patience for your site to be found and you won’t be getting the initial buzz you get from seeing your site or page ranking on page one of Google within minutes like you do with Reverse Attack Marketing. But I am hopeful the income will stick around for a few years and the income will grow as you add more posts to the site.

So, far it is everything I expected I just wish I’d got started with it when I first bought it and not left it sitting on my hard drive.

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