Review Of Amazon Niche Master By Erica Stone Part 2

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Today, I’m continuing with my series of reviews of Erica Stone’s Amazon site courses that are related to her Extreme Review guide.

Rather than buying the latest course and chasing after the elusive magic button I’m implementing these guide that I’ve had for a while. It involves writing, researching and getting know what your site is on.

It’s not the most exciting stuff but I’m hopeful by concentrating on a few proven strategies I’ll be able to build a profitable internet base business rather than collecting shiny objects I thought I’d cash in on them.

Any way on to my Amazon Niche Master review. This is a popular guide with more than 1,000 copies sold. It is a bit old by internet standards but I haven’t seen anything that is out of date so far as it concentrates on strategies for writing helpful content for your readers.

More Content Strategies

My previous review stopped after I had gone through the first strategy and I’m now going to go through the next ones. So on to strategy 2.

I think I can use this one with the site I’m building and she gives some examples to show you how you can use it. I’ve got two post ideas so far from this. I can see other niches where you could come up with lots of ideas. The template (included with guide) shows it is a straightforward layout.

Strategy 3 there is a load of posts that could be written using this idea. I’ll definitely be adding these posts to my site. You get ideas on how to research into this to get a really good post.

Strategy 4 is providing content to help your visitors choose what’s best for them. This will really help them and I could see you getting links from other sites if you do this well. I’ve got some ideas not on how to do this.

On to Strategy 5. is interesting and uses your informational posts to help in ranking your product reviews using a backlinking technique that used to be popular in off-site SEO, it’s similar to Use Your Words technique.

I’ve used Strategy 6 on my sites before but not quite the way it is explained here. This looks interesting and she give some examples on how to use this. My posts were briefer and didn’t get the benefits I think you can get from doing it this way. Lots of ideas for posts using this.

Strategy 7 is not something I’ve done before and I’ll need to do some more brainstorming on this and Google searches but I’ve got some ideas for posts on this by quickly thinking.

Strategy 8 is an interesting idea to use a site you would be using to help you write posts for your site. It’s about looking for clues as to what people want from the product they are buying. I’ll definitely be keeping this in mind as I read through this site from now on. I’ve found one idea so far.

Strategy 9 is one you’ve probably heard before for getting content.ideas for your site. I tried it out and there are some possibilities for more posts.

Strategy 10 is a bit of longer term idea but I’ll add that to my list to follow up on a regular basis.


This section is about how to use the strategies to get the most from it in your posts. It includes some good pointers on your content and how title it for maximum effect. There is a guide on number of informational posts to review posts and links in your post. I’ll be using these ratios on my site.

There’s some advice on length which is advice I’ve heard before but it does bear repeating.

Then it’s on to the example where she show the ideas she came up without knowing anything about a product in an hour.

There are some backlinking tips that are probably out of date now and you probably don’t need the out of date techniques now, but the rest of the guide is definitely still relevant.

My Final Thoughts

I think I would have liked to seen some links to real examples of the different posts being used on different sites to get an idea of how they look when done properly.

That aside there are 10 great ideas to get more content on your site that will be useful for visitors to your site and help your site not look like a poor site in Google’s algorithm. You’ll end up with a lot of post ideas. I’ve got a long list of posts in mind for my new site once I’ve got my initial list of posts published.

This is a good course to implement on any review site when done properly and effort put into writing the posts. You don’t need to have Extreme Review to implement this it is a full guide in its own right but if you have it, it expands on some of the techniques in the guide to make them easier to implement.

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