Reverse Attack Marketing Review Update – No Work And Commissions

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Is this passive income? I thought it was time I gave an update on Jennifer Ledbetter’s Reverse Attack Marketing. I have not given a full update on this from before Christmas last year. This is also the last time I did any work on it as I moved on to some shiny objects and also started building an Amazon review site as described in the Straight Line course by Erica Stone.

The RAM course provides you with the techniques for ranking for long tail buyer keywords using Web 2.0 properties and to earn affiliate commissions. It took me some time to see an income and this one of the reasons I unfortunately moved on to other things.

Commissions This Year

This year with no work I’ve earned the following commissions:

Jan     $172.52

Feb     $110.52

Mar    $135.25

Apr    $  41.85

Total $460.14

Looking at these results it makes me regret not keeping up with this, as the commissions could have been much higher. Oh well. It does appear they are dropping off after 3 months, but it might be just because of the seasonal nature of some of the products I’ve got sites on.

A few weeks after I bought this course one of the Web 2.0 sites that was a major part of the course closed down and took down your sites. I never went back and amended these RAM Campaigns (name used to describe setting up the various Web 2.0 properties). I continued building the campaigns but substituting another Web 2.0 site and being part of Google+ group (that comes with the 2nd option) Jennifer posted what she was testing and having success with so I moved over to that method. Shortly after that Jennifer revised the course material to take account of the changes to the sites. It was about this time I stopped working on this method.

So, I’ve managed to earn this income without working on the course and many of the campaigns I built are not working. With some more effort on my part I could be earning more income and maybe identified a really good niche to build out an authority site as discussed in the course material.

In my view it does take work to earn a good solid income from this method, some of it can be boring too, you need to be patient but it does work.

As well as having the opportunity to earn there are a number of things you can learn from the course over and above the method of creating campaigns as detailed in the course material. To get these benefits it pay to be part of the Google+ group (which is still active and Jennifer is in there helping and guiding on a regular basis).

The Real Benefits Of The Course

The other benefits of the course are about mind set as much as anything else to give you the ability to profit from the changes that Google and the Web 2.0 properties keep on making. I feel this breaks the course into two parts:-

1.       The specifics of building RAM Campaigns and expanding. This involves identifying keywords, testing the keywords, building out successful tests and monetizing them. This all done without writing much content or investing much time in each campaign. This shows you the mechanics and gives you the information to do this successfully, as I demonstrated with my earnings above.

2.       The second part that is not as specific and is something you learn by doing and it’s easier to understand it by being part of the Google+ group. The first thing it gives you is an appreciation of what Google is looking for when it ranks pages at the top of its search and how you can use this to look for keywords and change your approach when it changes. The next thing is to understand that there are many different Web 2.0 properties you can use and the best thing you can do is try them out and test them using the information you have learned to come up with your own system, but always be testing new properties and ways to be successful.

I get this 2nd part of the course now I’ve been reviewing my results and looking through the Google+ group. It wasn’t something I got when I was doing it at the time.  So, the idea is to expect change and be prepared for it by being nimble and make money, which is a good idea for any business operating on the internet, I think.

A Summary

Reverse Attack Marketing is a well structured course with a method you can earn a solid income if you are prepared to put in the work and have the patience to see it through. It also gives you a way to approach internet marketing so you can handle and thrive with the changes that Google and Web 2.0 properties throw at you.


For me this is something I will setting aside time each month once I’ve completed the work needed to implemented Straight Line course for the month (as I don’t want another course that I haven’t put in enough work into to see the results I expect). I’ll update in 3 – 6 months depending on results.

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