Reverse Attack Marketing Review Part 6 – Is It Worth It?

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During October I’ve been working through the Jennifer Ledbetter course Reverse Attack Marketing. It is a course that shows you how to use free sites to rank highly in Google and make affiliate income. I set myself the challenge of building 31 RAM Campaigns. (See here for explanation of the RAM challenge).

There are 3 stages to completing a campaign – pick keywords – do a RAM Test – if they pass test then build out a RAM Campaign. Hopefully you end up dominating page 1 of Google for each of the keywords you build a campaign for.

So my results to date  are:

RAM Tests Completed                      149

RAM Tests Passed                              31

RAM Campaigns completed             27

Sites Ranking On Page 1                  13

Click to Affiliate Offer                        324

Commissions Earned                     NIL

Hours Invested                                  47 1/3rd hours

I’m on schedule to complete my RAM challenge but it is disappointing to not see any commissions earned especially with the time spent so far plus the cost of tools. Some people within the RAM Google + group have reported sales. As with most things to do with internet marketing it comes down to the keywords you choose, which could be the reason I’ve not seen the money yet.

I’ve changed my approach to keyword selection. Previously I was trying to stay in niches I had sites in already. I’ve broadened my approach and used keywords from any niche I can think of. I’ve used the tool to help in finding seed keywords to put in to the keyword tool recommended for the course.

I have also changed my RAM test ways of working to be more efficient. Previously I was testing one keyword at a time and checking results, now I test 10 keywords (2 niches with 5 keywords each) at one time and check results at the end of 10 tests.

This has 2 effects. It is less frustrating and secondly it is more efficient. When you choose a number of keywords that don’t pass the test in a row it can be very annoying. Doing 10 at a time gets over this and I am ending up with 2 keywords that pass the test.

Is It Worth Carrying On?

From the campaigns results so far I am disappointed. However, there is also something else that has happened. One of the main free sites used in the RAM campaigns has announced they are stopping and all sites will be deleted. This is a major problem, as it plays a big part in the campaigns. There hasn’t been a replacement suggested for it yet. But I’ve changed my approach to make an allowance for it, and I’ll see how it goes.

I don’t know what changes are going to be made to the course as a result of this. One of the things that it talked about in the course is the ability to respond to changes positively and move on, but I think you can do this more easily once you have got the basics sorted in your mind. So, I think the course content will need to change to take this into effect. I’m not sure when this will happen but I will update my posts when this happens.

As for me I am going to continue push on with Reverse Attack Marketing to the end of the month and through November to give it a proper go. It is a simple system even with the adaptation I’ve had to make. I’ll continue to update my progress on regular basis.

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