Reverse Attack Marketing Review Part 3 – More RAM Testing And Expansion

Carrying on from last week, I’m continuing to implement and review Reverse Attack Marketing by Jennifer Ledbetter. I do my reviews this way to help you get real insight into the course. You can see the difficulties and triumphs as I go, it helps to illustrate whether I think the course will deliver on the promises made in its sales letter. Hopefully making it easier for you to decide on your own course of action

I’m currently just overt halfway through the course, which means I am completing RAM tests (to see if keywords meet the required criteria). The keyword selection can become quite addictive as you try various keywords meet the initial parameters. Well it was for me and I probably spent too much time on this phase of the RAM test.

Next, you see if those keywords do actually rank high enough to continue on. After you’ve tested and have sites ranking you move on to the expansion stage which is creating more pages on free to use sites and also monetizing them with affiliate links.

There is obviously time invested in each of these steps – the keyword selection takes minutes, the testing takes 10 minutes from start to indexing and checking ranking.

Expanding RAM

The expansion phase needs about 50 minutes to complete, but you can possibly get this done quicker as you become more skilled and organized (although there is more expansion you can do than I’ve done so far). This includes indexing and checking the rank of the sites you’ve set up.

My results to date are:

Keyword selected 100s
RAM Test Completed  29
RAM Expansion Completed 6
Sites Ranking On 1st Page 5
Commissions Earned NIL

It is still early days, but I always get more impatient the longer it takes for that first sale to be made. It’s a nice feeling when it happens no matter how much it is.

The keyword selection process is straightforward with the tool recommended in the course, the only difficult part is thinking of keywords to enter and that isn’t difficult – there are millions to choose from. And after awhile you do tend to have an idea of the ones more likely to meet the criteria.

The RAM test of the keywords is pretty simple too. It’s not the most exciting thing you can do and the important part here is speed. The more you test the more you can move on to the expansion step.

The expansion step is where you build out the test and monetize. But, here again the idea is speed over perfection. This is a bit more involved but after you’ve set up the first 3 of these you become quite proficient. So again there is nothing too difficult or involved. Also not much actual writing required while setting up. You only need to write a few sentences at most.

My Findings So Far

The course is well written and easy to follow. I’m surprised at how quickly and how high the sites rank after such a short time. This is without spending much time on back linking. I’m enjoying the course and hopeful it will deliver sales shortly. You can see more on Reverse Attack Marketing here.

Next Steps

I’m going to continue on RAM tests and RAM Expansion so that I have completed at least 30 by the end of the month.  I’ll complete the rest of the course and add these free sites to my expansion phase. Plus I need to checkout the private Google+ community more – there are some great questions and answers being provided from the short periods of time I’ve been there. I’ll be posting an update once a week on my progress once I’ve completed going through the course.

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