Reverse Attack Marketing Review Part 2 – Keywords, RAM Test and Expansion

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I started going through the main Reverse Attack Marketing guide in my previous post; I stopped at the keyword selection.  So far I’ve learned a lot and I hoping for good things to come.

Keyword Selection

Yesterday I started on selecting keywords. Jennifer has two criteria that are from the keyword tool she recommends. Then there’s a run through of the RAM test to see if the keyword meets the requirements to move forward to expansion. The RAM test takes her about 5 minutes now.

I clicked on her link and got the keyword tool which is web based and you can get a trial for free but I bought the package she uses on a monthly payment plan.
Before I start with the keyword tool, I need to check with keyword guide before selecting keywords to do the RAM test with.

This is a 19 page pdf which describes in more detail how to select the keywords but includes thinking through what Google wants to show on it’s first page for each of 3 different keyword searches. It also explains why she doe snot really look at search volume when choosing a keyword. This is good to know as you can check whether the result given by the keyword tool is really worth testing or not.

So after that I start putting in some seed keywords (you come up with these yourself using a niche your interested in). I start getting back results using the criteria given. This is addictive and I probably spent too much time on this but I have now got a lot of keywords to test in 4 different niches.

RAM Test

The RAM test is about seeing if you can rank for a keyword quickly using a free site. So I sign up for the site and start my testing with the first keyword.

I can’t get it to work. I check on the Google+ group I signed up for with the course and it appears a number of people are having the problem because they’re updating their site. Someone has suggested a way round the problem. I try it out and it works.

For the test to work the page you create need to be indexed and ranked in Google. Jennifer has a way of getting indexed very quickly but this will be revealed later. How annoying, I flick to the end of the ebook and find the secret. I try it out and it works just like she said.

I check whether the first keyword makes the grade – it doesn’t, I run the test for the 2nd and 3rd keywords with the same result. I made a mistake on the second page, but I guess it’s too late to fix once it has been indexed.

This is frustrating and I’ve  run out of time – I’ve got to go to bed – I’ve work in the morning.

I’m back from work. I start running through my words to find one to go forward with to the RAM expansion phase. I finally get one that passes the test. The eighth attempt, I was starting to think it would never happen.

RAM Expansion

The expansion phase is to see if you can get enough positive data such as sales and clicks to offers to make it worthwhile to build a site around the keyword(s) and with what you do here you have some protection against Google changes..

I’ve now completed the first RAM expansion using the free to use sites. Took me over 2 hours. I’ve got them all indexed using her clever idea.

Checking The Rankings

Now comes the tracking of the sites. She recommends are free to use site that is web based. I’m struggling to get on but that is probably because everyone else on the course is using it. Okay, just gone it, uploaded my sites and keywords and 5 out of 6 ranking high in Google (not on the first page but close).

This is looking hopeful. I’ve run out of time for now. I am pleasantly surprised with Reverse Attack Marketing giving these results after the frustration earlier on.

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