Reverse Attack Marketing Review Part 1 Or RAM For Short

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Last week I received an email Jennifer Ledbetter (PotPieGirl) letting me know about her new course the Reverse Attack Marketing. And I was immediately interested.

Last year I bought her One Week Marketing course and regret to say did nothing with it other than read through it. I thought that looks good must do something with it and then carried on with something else.

This time is it’s different. I bought it. So, I have now gotanother course that has nothing to do with video marketing, after I made a decision to concentrate on videos. It does fit with in my new aim of getting traffic using other methods than trying to rank a blog using SEO tactics and seeing it disappear from sight as Google makes another change.  That was one of my justifications anyway.

The Sales Page

It starts off with a picture of an elephant next to a cash and headline that says to stop eating make money. RAM is going to show you how to make money online and save elephants!.

What follows is a description of what I’ve been experiencing – work on developing a site and getting it to rank page by page, backlink by backlink see traffic coming make a little money then you get what feels like a punch to the face (my words) and all the hard work is wasted. (Great insight to how I feel).

Next she is talking that there is another way where you do a little research and get the right backlinks. It is about finding profitable low competition keywords and not fighting it out with the big boys.

Working down the sales page and clicking to other pages (there are 5 pages in total) the course will helps you to;

– Pick better keywords

– Dominate a keyword with multiple properties

– Doesn’t need a lot or writing or time

– Have multiple webpages with amazon affiliate links up within a few hours.

There are additional costs needed for software to do this as quickly and efficiently as possible. It  is a monthly cost to help with keyword selection and tracking rankings.

Here there is the advice that if you can’t afford this cost you are better not carrying on or thinking of a way you can adapt the course to do this cheaper or for free (these are additional tools and are not part of the course).

The on going costs per month are between $43 and $134 but the average use cost should be around $64 per month.  It’s good that she is upfront about these costs.

She says to adapt the course to suit you and test for yourself so you find what works best for you once you’ve been through the course a few times.

Next she says the course utilizes free to use sites and the content is all manually created. The sites are used as they are supposed to be used not to create a load of spam. In the course these sites are monetized with Amazon but the techniques could be used in other ways.

You need to click though to see whats in the course

It is 5 pdfs that cover:

– The Main RAM Training Guide
– Forward Thinking Guide
– Keyword Guide
– Short Steps
– Site Tips Tricks Quirks

Jennifer also describes the buying process which is really good to see.

The Buying Process

It works like she described.

You are given two choices – one for the course and second is for the course plus you can join the Google + group. I chose the Google + option it was about $8 more. It’s through the JVZoo platform and after that you are taken through to the page to pay for the course. There are no upsells. A very smooth transaction.

What You Get.

The course is delivered by a zip file. Within the zip file are 5 pdfs which are the main part of the course and a text file with joining instructions for Google+ group.(just as described).

I start with the text file to join up with Google+. I’ve never used Google+ but have a gmail account and google+ account. I follow the instructions and wait to be added. (This took a while as there was a problem with my request but it is now all sorted).

Next I’m on to the main guide. This is 84 pages long. After the table of contents (would have been good if this had clickable links) there is an introduction to discuss what affiliate content marketers and that we are limited by time and not having deep pockets like brand leaders etc.

Then we’re on to an overview of the Reverse Attack Marketing method which start with the RAM test to see if you can rank a free site(s) for a keyword and then move on to a full campaign.

This looks a good method compared to the normal wayof writing content and hoping to rank. It looks a quick way of testing the market first rather than hoping that your keyword is right:- writing content and waiting, building backlinks and hoping the google algorithm doesn’t put you on page 100.

Aha moment here for me – it’s about finding the keywords you can rank for by testing, then dominating, seeing an income and then building out.

To reinforce this she shows how within a period 12 hours she has 7 out of the 10 spots on Google first page and took little time to creat. I can see how this can help some of existing sites and might be able tie in well with my Power slam 2.0 videos too. This is looking good to me. (That’s me excited).

She describes her work on doing this spending about an hour a day setting up a couple of campaigns and then checking back a week later and seeing clicks and earnings and then deciding if its worth creating fuller content or not. I like this.

I’m excited about the possibilities for the Reverse Attack Marketing. It’s using what works now rather than sticking with old. I’m also hopefully learn a new mind set on testing and moving swiftly on. That’s it for today. There’s so much to do.


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