Do You Really Need A Mentor To Be Successful With Internet Marketing?

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Do You Really Need A Mentor To Be Successful With Internet Marketing?There is a lot to learn when you are getting started in internet marketing or any form of making money online.

It is a common question when getting stared as to whether you can do it on your own. There is after all plenty of information out there on the internet available for free. As with any topic there is some really top quality information along with some very poor and then there is stuff that is out of date.

To answer the question directly. No you don’t need a mentor to be successful with making money online.

I am using the term mentor loosely in this by including courses and asking the creator questions to clarify as being a mentor too.

If you go down the route you do need to be prepared to make mistakes and be frustrated when things don’t work as planned.  You do need to be resourceful and have that mindset that keeps you moving forward through the failures and frustrations – seeing them as learning opportunities.

The other thing to keep in mind is that it is probably going to take longer to see success – you’ve got to find the information and techniques. You’re then more likely to make mistakes and have to course correct on your own.

The advantages of a mentor or a proven course has over going it alone are:

Proven Track Record. When you select the right course (see my recommendations below) you are following something that works. You don’t have to discover that yourself.  With information online it can be difficult when starting out to decide if it is correct or not.

All In one Place. You can find everything you need from getting started to making money online. There is no having to search all over the place asking questions on forums and blogs.

Help With Obstacles. With the better courses you can ask questions of the product creator to help when you find something that is getting in your way. They help in clarifying and how to get moving on.

Avoid Mistakes. It can stop you making mistakes or going down the wrong route as you’ve got a map to follow that works.

Focus On What Matters. There are many different ways to make money online. Not everything you can use online is important for various ways. For example, an email list is not always needed to be successful nor is it appropriate.

Support. There can be times when this internet marketing stuff can be really frustrating and disappointing. Depending on the course/mentor you’ve chosen you can get some pick you up and/or a kick to get you back on course.

My Approach For Success

I didn’t ever try going on my own and I had a number of false starts anyway as well as suffering from the Shiny New Object Syndrome. Getting distracted being a problem too.

It can take time to find something that you are prepared to persevere with which to a certain extent is something you get some pleasure from doing or have some aptitude for some or all of the process.

For me that has been an affiliate marketer and in particular for Amazon and it took time to see any sustained success with it.

If I was getting started now there are two people/courses that I would want to use to get started the right way as Amazon Affiliate Marketing. They are

Erica Stone Extreme Review (Review). This is the course with coaching (bought separately) that has contributed the most to being able to earn $1,000 a month for 5 months in a row. It is based around writing in depth reviews for more complicated products. It is all delivered by text except for 2 short videos. It is very logical taking you from niche selection through to writing and publishing your content and ranking in Google and converting the traffic.

Pajama Affiliates – Home Blogging And Affiliate Marketing (Review). This has been a course that I was introduced to by PotPieGirl (What Works Now) at the beginning of this year. It is again about reviews but can be used for any type of product price range. It also takes you from getting started to publishing your reviews, getting traffic and earning commssions. It is delivered by video and text. As well as that it gives you some great insights in to what makes for a successful post and the thinking that goes into creating one.

Both are very good and although there is overlap I think they both complement each other offering different approaches. I am now using both to help with conversions and promotion of my blogs. They both do offer support after you buy to help you with problems with Pajama Affiliates providing more through their Facebook group.

Having a course/mentor I think can help immensely in getting started and speeding up having success with making money online.

Do you think you can do it without a mentor? If no, do you have a mentor/course you’d recommend?

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