The Pros And Cons Of Working At Home As An Affiliate Marketer

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The Pros And Cons Of Working At Home As An Affiliate MarketerWorking at home as affiliate marketer is not all a bed of roses.

As you’d expect.

But, before starting out on anything new I always thinks it is worth knowing the pluses and minuses

It helps to decide if it is right for you.  Even better if you write it out.

To help, from my experience, here are the benefits and advantages of this opportunity:

First up are the benefits:

You Are Your Own Boss. There are no bad bosses (or good for that matter) to wreck your day.

No matter how good they are, the bosses I had could from time to time completely change your day with something unexpected.

And if the boss is a bad one that happens frequently and they just don’t seem to have any idea of your workload.

Then there is the appraisals which can be pointless especially as they now don’t have any bearing on a pay increase.

No Time Lost Due Travel. The daily commute is a thing of the past. No fighting with traffic or passengers on the train. That was a couple of hours each day I saved that I can now use as I want.

Driving in a traffic jam seems to be one of the time wasters around. It’s also not good for your health – all that sitting around and just moving your foot slightly.

Set Your Own Schedule. A bit related to not having a boss. You can set when you do things and when to start. You can work when you want to and stop when you want. No more 9 to 5. You can if you want work in your PJs too. Go to the gym or the shops when you want when everyone else is at work. Be able to go to your children’s sports days and if you need to do more work around that.

No Work Colleague Distractions. No more gossip. No someone talking to you when you’re busy about something you’re not interested in. Or having to speak to people that you don’t get on with. It always seemed to me these interactions happened when you were at your busiest to get something completed before rushing somewhere for work.

No Pointless Meetings. I don’t know how many of these I went to or how much time I wasted. But there was far too many. They seemed to go on forever. On top of that there was time to prepare and then getting things to do afterwards.

No more of these time stealers.   And no more office politics to deal with in the meetings or outside it too.

No Hourly Rate. There is no limit set to your income by company policy or your bosses opinion. You can work to increase this using your skills, talents and productivity.  As you get more skilled and understand things the easier it becomes to earn although there might be times when the increases don’t come as you’d want.

And the disadvantages are

No Hourly Rate. This is here again on purpose. Just as there is no limit (in theory) on your earnings there is guarantee of a minimum. So, you can spend a lot of time working for nothing. There are things you’ve got to do that don’t generate an income or increase your income. Deleting pointless emails in your business account comes to mind or updating your WordPress plug-ins, doing any accounting or tax stuff and so on.

Even when you are doing thing that could generate an income it’s not certain that there will be an income at the end of it. You might spend hours

Distractions. There are a lot of distractions. Without someone setting deadlines and that external discipline you have to find it in yourself. There’s keeping up with the news, facebook, twitter, checking emails and so on – depending on what catches your attention.

Then on top of that there is the shiny new objects too, that might catch your eye while checking up on or deleting emails.

These things can easily eat your day up and you might turn around and wonder why you’re not getting anywhere.

Asked To Do Things. My family don’t really understand what I do which doesn’t help. But they do think because I’m at home there are things I can do while they are out at work on school. I do push back on this but it can be a distraction too sometime when you are busy procrastinating. All you can do is work with them to try and show them the error fo their ways – in a positive way of course.

No One To Talk To. On the other hand to work colleague distractions there were some good ones too. There were people I enjoyed talking with and catching up with things.

And on a more work related point you had people you could ask questions of if you were stuck and didn’t know what to do next.

It’s important to like your own company!

Stuck In The House. You might get the feeling you never get out of the house. There’s no variety in surroundings. It’s the same four walls. You might feel it’s like a prison if you’ve been in the house for a few days never getting out into the world.

Never Stop Working. If you’re not careful you end up working all the time without breaks or you somehow weave the two together.

Although it’s good to work  hard it ‘s also good to have a break too. To have some rest and recreation.

The thing I find does happen is that you end up trying to do more than one thing at once too often – while you’re working you’re doing family stuff and vice versa so it you’re not really giving your best and it is likely find yourself burning out at some stage.

Other Things

There is your health. There is a great opportunity to improve what you eat and how much exercise you do. You’ve saved the travel hours and you can make up your lunch rather than eat out or in the works restaurant.

But it’s not always the way it goes. That time can disappear on work or a mixture of work and distractions.

The refrigerator is there, too close . It can be too much temptation where you eat too much due to snacking

And The Summary Is

Whether working at home is the right choice does come down to personality type.

Many of the advantages/disadvantages can be double edge swords (I’m not talking traffic jams or bad bosses here – no matter how character building they maybe).

Whether they are good for you or bad for you is only something you can determine. The pros and cons should help to give you a clearer picture of what’s involved.

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